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6 Homemade Facial Packs For Healthy And Fresh Dark Skin

We all love fresh and healthy skin, no matter you have dark or fair skin. In the case of dark skin, you can prepare a few homemade packs which will make your skin look fresh and bright in a short time. These packs are prepared using natural materials which are not harmful for your skin, these are pocket-friendly and will help in achieving a glowing skin in a short time. These facial packs are prepared using special formulations which will help in cleansing your skin, remove toxins and ensure that you have a natural complexion. Once you are able to clean your skin, your skin feels fresh and rejuvenated.

Here Are 6 Homemade Facial Packs For Healthy And Fresh Dark Skin:

1. Tomato And Honey Facial Pack:

Tomato helps in achieving natural glow and freshness in a short time. To prepare this face pack, you need one mashed tomato, two tablespoons honey and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Mix the mashed tomato with honey and lemon juice and blend all ingredients well. Apply the pack on your face and let it dry. You can then rinse off the pack. This is an excellent cleanser for the skin and helps in removing toxins and dead skin cells from the surface. Apply this pack daily to get healthy and fresh dark skin in a short time.

Tomato and Honey Facial Pack

2. Lime Juice And Cucumber Pack:

This is an excellent pack for dark skin, as it helps to lighten the skin and adds a natural freshness and glow to the skin. This pack is also quite effective in reducing redness caused due to sunburn. To prepare the pack, you will need one tablespoon of fresh cucumber juice, one teaspoon lime juice and also one teaspoon turmeric. Mix all the ingredients well so that you have a fine texture. Apply this pack on your face and also just around the eyes. You can use cotton balls to apply the pack. Let the pack remain for thirty minutes and then wash off using cold water. You can use the pack thrice a week and you will love the results.

Lime Juice and Cucumber Pack

3. Honey And Lime Pack:

Honey is a great moisturizer, which will not just soften and hydrate the skin but will also keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Honey is also effective in reducing inflammation, cleanses the skin and helps in healing rashes. Lime helps in lightening the skin and adds a natural shine and brightness. To prepare the pack, you need three tablespoons honey and two tablespoons lime juice. Mix and apply the pack on your skin. Massage lightly and leave the pack for thirty minutes. This is an effective anti-bacterial pack which will help your skin to fight acne, scars and even blemishes.

Honey and Lime Pack

4. Fuller’s Earth, Buttermilk And Tomato Pack:

Fuller’s earth helps in cleansing the skin, removes dead skin cells and helps to brighten up the skin. To prepare the pack, you need three tablespoons of tomato juice, three tablespoons fuller’s earth and required quantity of buttermilk to prepare a smooth paste. Mix all the ingredients so that you have a smooth consistency. Apply the pack and massage gently in a circular movement. You can remove the pack with lukewarm water. This will help in rejuvenating your dark skin, keep your skin healthy, nourished, hydrated and with a natural glow.

Fuller's Earth, Buttermilk and Tomato Pack

5. Milk And Potato Pack:

This is a unique pack, especially beneficial for those who problems of dull and dry dark skin. Milk helps in cleansing the skin, brightens and refreshes the skin naturally. Potato helps in maintaining the natural balance of the skin.This is an easy to prepare pack – you need four tablespoons potato juice and three tablespoons milk. Add two tablespoons gram flour to the mixture and stir gently so that you have a thick paste. Once you have an even consistency, you can apply the pack on your face. Allow it to dry and then remove the pack using normal water.

Milk and Potato Pack

6. Yogurt And Aloe Vera Pack:

Aloe vera is undoubtedly one of the most popular ingredients used in the making of natural beauty products. It helps in taking care of a number of skin problems if used on a regular basis. Yogurt helps in lightening marks, spots, and blemishes while keeping the skin hydrated and soft. You need four tablespoons of yogurt and three tablespoons of aloe vera juice. Mix both the ingredients and apply this pack on your face. Leave it for an hour and then remove the pack. This pack can also be left overnight and rinsed off the following morning. It shall be equally effective. You can use this pack on a daily basis for best results.

Yogurt and Aloe Vera Pack