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6 Homemade Fruits And Milk Cream Facial Packs For Natural Shine And Brightness

Fruits and Milk Cream Facial Packs For Natural Shine and Brightness

Fruits and milk cream can be the best combination for your skin health. Fresh fruits are rich in a number of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which help them to take care of a number of skin problems. Seasonal fresh fruits when mixed with milk cream enrich the skin deeply with its rich nutrients. Dark spots, blemishes, dry skin problems and even excessive oil secretion problems are reduced tremendously. Homemade facial packs prepared with fruits and milk creams are considered to be the best way to deal with any kind of skin problem. These are suitable for every skin and can be used throughout the year.

Here Are 6 Homemade Fruits and Milk Cream Facial Packs For Natural Shine and Brightness:

1. Orange Pack

Orange juice, pulp, and peel can be both used to prepare skin packs. Oranges are said to be a complete pack of healthy nutrients. To prepare the pack, you need one tablespoon of dry orange peel powder and milk cream. You can also store this pack for future use. Mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder, one tablespoon of orange pulp and one tablespoon of fresh orange juice. Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face. Leave it for ten minutes and then remove the pack with warm water. This pack is effective in reducing dead cells, blemishes and excessive oil. The skin gets healthy and soft.


2. Apple Pack

This pack is suitable for dry and dull skin. To prepare the pack, you need two tablespoons of apple juice or pulp, one tablespoon of milk cream and rose water. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the pack on your face and let it slowly get absorbed into the skin. Leave the pack on your face for 15 minutes. Let it dry. You can wash it off using rose water or lukewarm water. This pack deeply penetrates into the skin and adds a natural freshness and glow to your face.


3. Banana Pack

Bananas are said to be the ultimate pack for skin health. They are rich in nourishing ingredients, helps in reducing fine marks and spots and adds to the natural brightness of the skin. For this pack, you need to mash one whole banana and remove all its lumps. Add one tablespoon fresh milk cream with one teaspoon orange juice. Orange juice has citric acid which helps in reducing excessive oil secretion from the skin. The pack will be of thick consistency and without any lumps. Apply the mixture on your face and massage gently. The pack should naturally penetrate deep into the skin. Leave it for thirty minutes or till it completely dries. Rinse your face with warm water. You can use this pack thrice a week for a soft and glowing skin.

Banana Pack

4. Strawberry Pack

Strawberries are powerful of skin nourishing vitamins and minerals. They make the skin bright, fresh and naturally nourished. They also help in slowly down aging symptoms and reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. To prepare the pack, you need two tablespoons fresh strawberry pulp, one tablespoon milk cream and one teaspoon honey. All these ingredients combine in nourishing the skin and give the skin a soft and silky texture. Mix the ingredients till you have a rich thick consistency. You can also add a teaspoon of rose water to add to a great fragrance of the pack. Apply the pack and leave it to dry for thirty minutes. Remove with normal water. Use this pack every day for natural glow and brightness.

Strawberry Pack

5. Lemon Pack

Citrus fruits help in adding a natural shine and brightness to the face by removing excessive oil from the skin. You need twos tablespoons fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon milk cream. Add one teaspoon gram flour to prepare the pack. Mix all ingredients to prepare a smooth paste. Apply the pack on your face and let it rest. Rinse with normal water once the pack dries.  Regular application will add a natural brightness and shine.

Lemon Pack

6. Kiwi Pack

Kiwi is a highly nutritious fruit. This refreshing fruit helps in removing excessively oily skin, removes dullness and adds a soft natural shine to the skin. To prepare the pack, you need to first peel the skin and mash the fruit. You can also use the blender for the purpose. Add one teaspoon of milk cream, a pinch of sugar and a few drops of olive oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply on your face. This pack also works like a scrub. Rub the pack on your skin in circular motion. It will help in removing all dead skin cells and flakes from the surface of the skin. Let the pack rest for thirty minutes and then remove it. You can use this pack twice a week and you will soon see the difference.

Kiwi Pack