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6 Homemade Liver Cleansing Smoothies To Boost Liver Function

Liver, the largest internal organ whose primary role is to filter out waste from blood, often gets stressed when it has to slug out repeatedly to eliminate toxins that enter our bloodstream through food, medicines, cosmetics and environmental pollutants. Moreover,there are times when our liver is exposed to a high concentration of pollutants and faces difficulty in filtering all of those toxins, which in turn start to accumulate inside the liver and this is where our liver calls for a detox. Among all those extreme liver detox plans, green smoothies are a gentler way of cleansing our body’s primary filter. To minimize the occurrence of any side effect one must include a significant portion of protein in the form of seeds and nuts in green smoothies as loading your system with a vegetables-and-fruits alone diet might deprive it of essential proteins our body needs to function properly and cause fatal consequences.

To help your green smoothies cleanse your liver efficiently it is advised to stay away from alcohol, food additives, unhealthy fats, excess salt, sugars, gluten, dairy and processed junk food entirely for some days and stick to a diet comprising of lean proteins like eggs, fish and chicken, gluten free flours, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and natural sweeteners like stevia and honey. People with medical conditions especially those with chronic liver conditions are advised to consult a health care professional before following any detox plan.

Here Is A List Of Liver Cleansing Smoothies To Boost Liver Function:

1. Beetroot, Kale And Orange Smoothie:

Beetroot is an ideal ingredient to be added in liver cleansing smoothies owing to its dense nutrient structure that aids liver purification. Kale is regarded as one of the healthiest liver purifying foods as it is particularly rich in isothiocyanates and sulphur which help in eliminating carcinogens and other toxic substances from liver and is therefore a healthy liver cleansing ingredient to be added in smoothies. Oranges are a significant source of fiber which is required for elimination of waste from liver makes for an ideal accompaniment in this liver detox smoothie.

Blend a cup of cubed beetroot with half a cup of chopped kale, a cup of deseeded orange sections, half an inch of peeled ginger root, juice of half lemon, half a cup of cubed green apple, a tablespoon of soaked chia seeds together in a high powered blender. Season with sea salt.

Beetroot, Kale And Orange Smoothie

2. Broccoli, Cucumber and Kiwi Smoothie:

Belonging to the family of cruciferous vegetables which greatly support liver health, broccoli contains an enzyme called glucosinolate which helps rid your liver of all toxic substances. Making a smoothie of broccoli with two other liver cleansing foods is an appetizing way to reap all the cleansing benefits of this wonderful vegetable.

Puree a cup full of broccoli florets with half a cup of chopped cucumber, two kiwifruits, three to four raspberries, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. season with crushed black pepper and two teaspoons of sliced almonds.

Broccoli, Cucumber and Kiwi Smoothie

3. Purple Carrot, Strawberry And Watermelon Smoothie:

When it comes to choosing liver detoxifying foods, vegetables with purple hue take the lead. An anti-oxidant with the name anthocyanins, responsible for the purple tinge in many vegetables is found in high concentrations in purple carrots and makes them an excellent liver purifying vegetable. Strawberries are another great addition as they contain certain organic acids that help in cleansing liver by lowering blood sugar levels. Third ingredient, watermelon is known to induce cleansing action within liver.

Blend a cup of cubed purple carrots, six to eight strawberries, a cup of cubed watermelon and two tablespoons flaxseeds together in a blender. Season with black salt.

Purple Carrot, Strawberry And Watermelon Smoothie

4. Cabbage, Parsley And Pear Smoothie:

Cabbage is another cruciferous super vegetable that helps with liver detoxification process owing to a component called glucosinolate which activates liver cleansing enzymes in our body. Blending this vegetable with other liver detoxifying foods such as parsley and pear is a good way to pack in all liver cleansing benefits in a single glass.

Put a cup of raw shredded cabbage, a bunch of parsley leaves, two cored pears, two cored peaches, one tablespoon grapefruit juice and one tablespoon water in a blender and grind. Season with black pepper, salt and two thinly sliced walnuts.

Cabbage, Parsley And Pear Smoothie

5. Avocado, Fennel And Pineapple Smoothie:

Rich in glucathione, an anti-oxidant that assists in liver’s detoxification process, avocados are a wonderful addition to your liver detoxing green smoothies. Fennel is another liver cleanser that is widely used in liver cleansing juice recipes due to its ability to rid the liver of toxins. Pineapple contains bromalaine, which helps in cleansing built up toxins in liver.

Put half a cup of peeled and cored avocados, one fennel bulb with green parts chopped into bite sized chunks, one cup pineapple chunks and 2 apricots sectioned and cored in a blender and blend until smooth. Season with a dash of sea salt and garnish with one tablespoon of apricot seed powder.

Avocado, Fennel And Pineapple Smoothie

6. Spinach, Mango And Gooseberry Smoothie:

Spinach is loaded with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients which render it as a great liver detoxifier. Mango has an ability to assist the liver purification process and is a significant source of energy giving carbohydrates. Gooseberry is another blood purifying agent that rids the liver of all toxic substances and is an ideal addition to your smoothie.

Blend a cup full of chopped spinach with two cored and sectioned gooseberries, one cup of chopped mango, three to four deseeded golden berries and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Season with sea salt and garnish with one tablespoon of chopped pecans.

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