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6 Homemade Masks For Under Eye Wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles are said to be the first signs of aging though these can occur even at a younger age. Wrinkles can occur due to stress, genetics or too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. There are several creams and lotions available for such wrinkles but homemade masks and packs are equally effective. They help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and help to keep the skin protected. These homemade packs are effective and at the same time affordable too.

Best Homemade Masks For Your Under Eye Wrinkles

1. Potato And Honey Mask

Potatoes help in reducing the effects of under-eye wrinkles. Honey moisturizes the skin and reduces its tendency to dry up which causes wrinkles. To make this mask, you need to grate one large potato and add one teaspoon of honey in this. Mix well and prepare a smooth paste. You can spread this paste on two clean cotton pads and then place these pads on your eyes. The mask should cover the wrinkles under the eyes. You can apply this mask thrice in a day for best results.

Potato And Honey Mask

2. Cabbage Mask

Cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin C and helps in strengthening blood vessels too. To prepare this effective cabbage mask, you can grind two fresh cabbage leaves and extract its juice. To this juice, you can add 1/4 teaspoon yeast and one teaspoon honey. Stir well and then you can apply this mixture on the wrinkles just under the eyes. You can leave this mask for at least twenty minutes. Rinse and then dry. You can apply this mask at least thrice in a week.

Cabbage Mask

3. Eggs Mask

Egg white is well known for its many beauty benefits. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which help in keeping the skin protected, helps in reducing wrinkles and makes the skin around the eyes tighter. To prepare the mask, you need to separate the egg whites in a bowl. Add some drops of honey and mix well. Use your fingers and apply this mask, just under the eyes, on the wrinkles. Allow the mask to dry for twenty minutes or till you feel the drying effect. You can then wash away your face. Regular application will help you notice the difference.

Eggs Mask

4. Carrots Mask

Carrots are rich in carotene which converts into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for maintaining skin health, elasticity and in cell growth. To prepare this pack you will need juice from three small carrots. You need to add a tablespoon of almond oil. Mix the ingredients well and refrigerate the mixture for at least three hours. You can then apply this cool mixture on your wrinkles. Let the mask remain for at least 30 minutes. This mask heps in reducing undereye wrinkles effectively. It also helps in rehydrating the skin.

Carrots Mask

5. Cucumber And Mint Mask

Cucumber is known for its many beauty benefits and its immense cooling abilities. To prepare the mask, you need to first blend the mint leaves, cucumber slices and some rose water. Once you have a well blend mixture, you can soap cotton balls in this mixture and place them just above the wrinkles under your eyes. Let the cotton balls remain for ten minutes. You do not have to rinse anything. You will love the fresh feel after the application. This is a great mask which works effectively to reduce wrinkles in a short time.

Cucumber And Mint Mask