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6 Homemade Massage Packs To Relax Stressed Face

Do you know how your face looks like when you are stressed and tired after a hard day at work? Our face tends to look dull when stressed, with no signs of brightness or freshness. How do you deal with stressed facial muscles? No, you do not always have to rush to your salon for a massage. You can prepare a few homemade natural massage packs which will rejuvenate your stressed muscles and relax you from within. Your face shall have a fresh look in a short time.

Here Are 6 Homemade Massage Packs To Relax Facial Muscles

1. Cucumber Pack

Cucumber is known for its amazing cooling properties. It helps in cooling down stressed muscles and relaxes the mind and body. You need two tablespoons of cucumber pulp. Refrigerate this pulp for an hour at least. Apply this cool pack on your face and massage lightly. Lightly massage your temples and forehead where we often feel the stress. You can rinse your face in ten minutes. You will feel relaxed and fresh in a short time.

 Cucumber Pack

2. Milk Cream Pack

Milk cream is a natural moisturizer for the skin. It is rich in milk fat and proteins which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. You need three tablespoons of milk cream. Whisk this well. Massage this fresh cream pack on your face for at least ten minutes. This will help in improving blood circulation and relax the muscles. Let it remain for ten minutes and rinse your face with warm water.

Milk Cream Pack

3. Sandalwood And Milk Pack

Sandalwood is excellent for the skin in several ways. Milk helps in keeping skin hydrated and soft. You need one tablespoon of chilled full-fat milk. In this, add two teaspoons of sandalwood powder. Mix till you have a smooth paste. Apply this pack on your face and massage in a circular motion. You will feel an amazing freshness and will be able to reduce your stress in a short time.

Sandalwood And Milk

4. Mint And Grapes Pack

Mint is known for its cooling properties. It offers an enhanced freshness to the skin, whenever applied. It cools down agitated muscles often caused due to stress and anxiety. It also helps to reduce the risks of rashes and infection and helps in getting a clear and healthy complexion. You need to grind some grapes to have a thick paste. You need to add one tablespoon of mint paste and one tablespoon of lemon juice in this. Mix well and apply the pack on your face. Rinse after ten minutes. Your face shall be fresh and glowing with no signs of stress.

Mint And Grapes

5. Yogurt And Orange Juice Pack

Yogurt is great for relaxing our muscles. It helps in keeping the skin soft and nourished while helping the skin to relax. You need one tablespoon of Greek yogurt. You also need one teaspoon of fresh orange juice. Mix both the ingredients and massage the pack on your face. Your face shall feel relaxed and fresh after every application. You will be able to reduce stress and fatigue in a short time.

Yogurt And Orange Juice

6. Apple And Honey Pack

Honey helps the skin in several ways. It makes skin soft, reduces any signs of stress and tiredness. You need to mash some apple slices and add one tablespoon of honey in this. Mix well so that the apple is in pulp form and mixes well with the honey. You can apply this pack all over your face. Massage gently for ten minutes and later allow it to dry for ten minutes. Your skin will have a natural glow and radiance. Apply this pack whenever your face feels stressed out and tired.

Apple And Honey