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6 Homemade Packs To Soften Dry And Rough Palm Skin

Dry rough skin on your palms is generally the result of hard work or over exposure to water. It can also be caused due to the nature of your skin, which needs good care. Dry and rough palm skin is an indication of lack of care on a regular basis. You can soften your dry palm with a few homemade packs. These packs will not just soften your skin but will also help in keeping them moisturized. These packs can be used regularly for best results.

Here Are 6 Homemade Packs To Soften Dry And Rough Palm Skin

1. Banana And Honey Pack

Ripe banana is loaded with potassium which helps in keeping the skin soft and moisturized. It softens dry skin. To prepare the pack you need to mash one ripe banana and add one tablespoon of honey. Mix well. Take the pack in your palm and rub for two or three minutes so that your palm gets well coated. Let it remain for ten minutes and then wash your palm with cold water. Regular applictaion of the pack will soften dry hands.

 Banana And Honey

2. Olive Oil And Orange Juice Pack

Olive oil helps to keep your skin soft. It reduces dryness and skin roughness. Orange juice nourishes the skin and ensures good health. To prepare this pack, you need one tablespoon olive oil and one teaspoon orange juice. Mix well and soak your palms in this pack. Let the pack remain for ten minutes. You can rinse off after twenty minutes. Your hands will feel soft and rough.


3. Rose Petals And Yogurt Pack

Rose water will add a touch of softness and freshness to your palms. To prepare this pack, you need one tablespoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of rose water. Mix all ingredients well and rub the pack in your palms. Rub gently so that your whole palm is coated in the pack. Let it remain for one hour. Wash your hands in warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Rose Petals And Yogurt

4. Milk And Almonds Pack

Milk is said to be the best moisturizer. It is rich in minerals and proteins which helps to soften dry and rough skin. Nutrients present in almond help in reducing roughness and dryness of the palm. To prepare the pack, you need one tablespoon of almond paste. You will also need two tablespoons of full cream milk. Mix the ingredients well and rub your palm in the pack. Rub gently for ten minutes. You can wash your hands after fifteen minutes. This pack will help in maintaining a healthy and nourished skin.

Milk And Almonds

5. Strawberry Pack

Strawberry and honey is the best pack for dry and rough palms. Honey is the best moisturizer for rough and dry hands. You need to mash two strawberries and prepare a fine paste. Add one tablespoon honey into this mixture. Mix well so that you have a smooth consistency. Apply the pack in your palms and rub your hands gently. You can wash off your hands with cool water.


6. Milk Cream And Butter

This is a rich pack which will keep your palm soft and nourished. Butter softens rough skin and milk cream helps in reducing dryness. You need two tablespoons of milk cream and one tablespoon of butter. Mix both the ingredients and rub your palm well. Let it remain for thirty minutes. You can then wash your hands with cold water. Apply this pack daily.

Milk Cream And Butter