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6 Homemade Skin Lightening And Whitening Serums For a Brighter Look

Homemade skin lightening and whitening serums are specially formulated for offering a brighter and fresh look to the skin, no matter how the texture of your skin. These serums are prepared using natural ingredients, which help in cleansing the skin and in reducing dark skin tone. As the serums are applied, they slowly get absorbed into the skin and penetrate deeply to nourish the skin. These are suitable for all types of skin as they are prepared using natural materials and help in reducing uneven skin tone, different types of blemishes, freckles and spots too.

Here Are 6 Homemade Skin Lightening and Whitening Serums For a Brighter Look:

1. Almond Oil Serum:

Almond oil makes an interesting lightening serum which also helps in improving the skin complexion miraculously. To prepare this serum, you need one oz of almond oil and add 7 or 8 drops of sandalwood oil in it. You can also add a few drops of lemon oil which are also equally beneficial for the skin. Next, you need a bottle which has a dropper and fill the ingredients in the bottle. Shake the bottle so that the three oils mix well. You can apply this brilliant serum each day just before you go to sleep. You shouldn’t apply this when you are going out of home.

Almond Oil Serum

2. Lemon Juice and Rose Water Serum:

This serum is quite effective when you are facing the problem of sun tan, marks, acne spots, and blemishes. You can use this serum as an effective night cream too, which will help you in keeping your skin bright and healthy. To prepare this serum you will need three tablespoons rose water, one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon olive oil, two tablespoons aloe vera gel and one teaspoon sandalwood powder. Mix all the ingredients and you will have a liquid consistency. Filter to remove all the floating black particles and different impurities which are present.

Lastly, you will pour in the aloe vera gel in this mixture. You will get a nice creamy consistency and your serum shall be ready to be applied. You can apply this every night when you go to sleep.

Lemon Juice and Rose Water Serum

3. Buttermilk and Egg Yolk Serum:

This is an easy to prepare serum which shouldn’t be stored otherwise it shall lose its effectiveness. You will need two egg yolks and at least three tablespoons of buttermilk to prepare this serum. Beat the egg yolk well so that you have a fluffy mixture. Add the buttermilk and whisk well so that the egg combines with the buttermilk effectively. Your serum is ready to be applied. This is an excellent cleansing serum which will help in removing dead skin cells, reduce scars and acne marks and will also help in improving your complexion. You can use the serum at least once in a week and you will love the results you see.

Buttermilk and Egg Yolk Serum

4. Lemon, Cream and Grapefruit Serum:

Lemon is rich in citric acid which works to lighten the skin and reduces marks and spots which helps in brightening the skin naturally. Grapefruit is also rich in natural bleaching agents which helps in thickening pores. Sour cream nourishes the skin from within and adds to its natural glow. To prepare this serum, you need one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon sour cream, one egg white and one teaspoon egg white. Start by beating the egg white so that you have a fluffy consistency. To the beaten egg white add sour cream and some grapefruit juice. Mix well and apply this mixture on your skin. Let the serum remain for 15 minutes and then you can rinse your face using normal water.

Lemon, Cream and Grapefruit Serum

5. Mayonnaise, Lemon Juice, and Olive Oil Serum:

This is an effective serum often suggested by beauty experts as a way to reduce marks and spots from the skin. Lemon juice and mayonnaise combine as a skin lightening agent which works to get a soft and nourished skin. To prepare this pack, you need four tablespoons mayonnaise, one teaspoon lemon juice, and one teaspoon olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well and your serum is ready to be applied.

Mayonnaise, Lemon Juice, and Olive Oil Serum

6. Greek Yogurt, Orange Juice, Aloe Vera Serum:

Greek yogurt is known to have many beneficial properties for the skin which includes its amazing property to lighten skin tone and bring in a natural glow. To prepare this serum, you need two tablespoons aloe vera juice, three tablespoons greek yogurt and one teaspoon orange juice. Mix all the ingredients well and use the serum. The goodness of aloe vera gel with orange juice will help in completely transforming how your skin looks like and offer an amazing brightness in a short time.

Greek Yogurt, Orange Juice, Aloe Vera Serum