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6 Ideal Fermented Food For Optimum Gut Health

The food we eat determines our general well being. Its important to eat right for strong gut or gastrointestinal management for life. We tend to ignore  it but care from early age can boost gut health in old age. Food is transferred  to digestive system for efficient digestion and digestion regulating hormones are released with aide of healthy gut function. Gut system has both good and bad bacteria but it needs more of good and less of bad bacteria for boosting metabolism and immunity. This food has become popular due presence of  good bacteria  which are same or similar like ones in gut system. Its known that fermented food have healing effect on gastrointestinal system which efficientely contains inflammation,  gut infection, reduces overall risk of gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer, balances good and bad bacteria. A functional and healthy gut fosters ground for disease free life. Most fermented foods have milk based products hence its time to know more about such food.

Here Are Some Natural Fermented Food For Optimum Gut Health:

1. Kefir

Kefir is milk based food having vitamin b12, biotin, folate and probiotics [1] . Being by product of milk, it has proven its efficiency in improving digestion, overcoming irritable bowel disease. At the same time presence of vitamins also gives it immune and metabolism boosting properties. Additionally it may also aide in enhancing bone density. Its thick, creamy and yogurt like texture gives it edge over most fermented food.


2. Kimchi

Kimchi is fermented cabbage made out of vegetables, seasonings and is extremely popular in asian cuisine [2] . This too has probiotics like other fermented foods, it increases good bacteria in gut. Good bacteria can ease, speed up digestion, support healthy colon, enhance immunity, reduce cholesterol and initate weight loss. Kimchi additionally has anti oxidative properties unlike other foods which can contain aging. Its loaded with health benefits but its strong and pungent taste may not appeal to many people. This gut friendly food is must for everyone regardless of age.


3. Miso Soup

Today Soyabean is used in all food items due to its immense health advantages [3] . Miso soup is famous low calorie soyabean based japanese breakfast. Miso soup is potent source of protein, vitamin b, antioxidants and is low in calorie.  It has potential to limit onset of gut cancer and inflammation. Its one food which can be consumed by vegetarians for strenthening and easing food movement in  gut system.

Miso Soup

4. Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is most popular and consumend yogurt in world today [4] . Our digestive system and gut are constantly affected by  sudden inflammation or improper diet which can hamper its function. In such scenario, consumption of this gut healthy yogurt can lessen lactose intolerance, improve digestion, curb blaoting and other stomach related diseases, enhance good bacteria production. New research suggests it may also aide in lowering blood pressure and triglycerides giving healthy heart. Its best to include this health friendly yogurt in everyday diet.

Probiotic Yogurt

5. Raw Cheese

Most sandwiches and pizzas use cheese but its best to consume it in raw, natural and unprocessed form. Raw cheese is made from unpasturised milk hence its powerhouse of probiotics and biofudus [5] . cheese’s consumption in small amount plays beneficial and efficient role in reducing digestive issues, removing bad bacteria, boosting immunity and lowering neurological disorders befitting brain health. Raw cheese is one food which every one can eat without any side affects on health.

Raw Cheese

6. Sauerkraut

Its lesser known yet another gut friendly food. This is yet another variant of fermented cabbage. It holds dietary fiber, vitamin a, c, k, microbes pediocus, bactobicallitus, iron, calcium, sodium and magnesium [6]. These nutrients play essential role in boosting, strengthening digestive and gut health. On the other hand, Vitamin c is known anti inflammant which effectively lowers gut inflammation, boosts immunity, strengthens bones. These qualities of sauerkraut makes it ideal food for gut health.


Today’s times makes health care vital more so when one suffers from people sensitive gut or weak stomach ailment. In order to maintain gut health, fermented foods become must in diet .