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6 Incredible Benefits Of Ginger For Skin And Hair

I am sure most of you love to sip the hot ginger infused tea when you are tired. Apart from this we also prefer to use it in home remedies when it comes to treating cold or cough. Ginger contains anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It is also used in digestive problems, appetite issues and the upset stomach. Do you know apart from these you can also use ginger for our skin and hair as well? Yes .

Today We Are Going To Discuss About Few Benefits Of Ginger For Our Hair And Skin:

1. Skin Toning

Ginger is a natural astringent. Hence it can be also used to tone the skin [1] . Due to its anti oxidant properties it also helps to reduce the blemishes and dark spots form the skin. It also works on pore size when use as a toner. You can also use ginger in your homemade exfoliation scrubs. It would help to get rid of excess sebum, oil, dirt and other impurities. Hence gives you clear toned skin with regular usage.

 Skin Toning

2. Cellulite

Do you know why do people sip hot ginger infuse lemon water in the morning and that too empty stomach? I will give you the answer [2] . Ginger is known as a fat burning food and it has the ability to heat up our body. It helps to increase the blood circulation as well as the metabolism.Hence you can use the ginger to treat the cellulite as well. It would help to reducing the appearance of cellulite with regular usage. You can use ginger essential oil for topical application or you can even enjoy ginger infused detox bath for the same.


3. Scars And Blemishes

Next time when you prepare any homemade mask , Do add ginger in it [3] . It works like magic when it comes to fading scars and blemishes. As we just discussed above that it contains anti oxidant and toning properties. Hence it works as a mild exfoliator by removing the dead skin cell and reveal the fresh healthy skin. Ginger can be also used to treat acne since it helps to kill the acne causing bacteria.

Scars And Blemishes

4. Rejuvenated Skin

When we talk about anti oxidants , Ginger houses around 40 types of anti oxidants which are great for maintaining our overall skin health [4] . Our skin goes through the process of daily wear and tear while free radicals in the environment tends to damage the skin more. Anti oxidants helps to neutralize those free radicals and hence prevent the skin damage. It also helps to boost the collagen production which helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. You can sip on the ginger infused drinks regularly and use it in home made skin care recipes to reap its maximum benefits.

Rejuvenated Skin

5. Dandruff

Ginger also contains anti microbial and anti septic properties [5] . Due to this you can also use this magical ingredient to combat your dandruff issue as well. It also helps to soothe your scalp due to its anti inflammatory properties. You can use the ginger infused hair oil to massage your scalp. It would help to improve the blood circulation and provide the oxygen. Regular usage of this would definitely give you the dandruff free healthy hair.


6. Damaged Hair

Apart from Anti oxidants ginger also contains zinc, phosphorus and vitamins which are very essential for overall health of our hair [6] . Hence ginger can be used to treat the brittle and dry hair as well. Due its vitamin and mineral content it helps to deeply nourish the hair and make it shinier. You can use ginger infused oil or ginger infused hair care products to get the maximum benefits.

 Damaged Hair