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6 Interesting Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsule For Healthy Skin

Using home remedies is some times the best option to keep the skin healthy. Since these home remedies are free from harsh chemicals and come with naturally loaded vitamins and minerals they are anytime best to get the amazing results. Vitamin E capsule is one of the most raved product that is used in almost every hair and skin care remedy. It contains the pure vitamin e oil. Vitamin E oil is one of the essential ingredient that is loaded with anti oxidants as well as fatty acids. These anti oxidants and fatty acids are very essential to keep your skin cells and hair fibers healthy as well as damaged free. Even if there is a discoloration or scars on the skin it helps to nourish it and repair the damaged skin cells to keep it spot free. There are many other ways to use Vitamin  capsule to get healthy skin.

Interesting Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsule For Healthy Skin:

1. As An Under Eye Cream

Why spend bucks on expensive eye creams when you can get the benefits of the same in just a one vitamin e capsule which comes at absolutely cheaper price ?  Vitamin E nourishes and hydrates the delicate under eye skin to keep it plump and supple. Just puncture the vitamin e capsule. Extract the oil from it and massage gently under your eyes. You may find it bit sticky and it may take time to get absorb into your skin. Hence take a good time to massage it. Due to its sticky texture it is always recommended to use it while you sleep and you can wash it off in the morning.

Under Eye Cream

2. As An Anti Pigmentation Lotion

Pigmentation must be a familiar term for many of you. While some of you are busy in sourcing every new anti pigmentation cream in the market while others must be busy with some homemade face packs to remove the pigmentation. Why not to try the vitamin e to get rid of pigmentation and other skin discoloration? Since it comes with anti oxidants it facilitates the skin renewal process and repair the damaged skin cells to reveal the fresh and healthy skin. Hence you get a renewed and spot free skin gradually. Use the oil from Vitamin E capsule to massage on the spots and keep it over night.

 Anti Pigmentation Lotion

3. As An Anti Ageing Cream

Every one is crazy about anti ageing cream nowadays. Choosing the right cream is very essential since most of these creams are expensive. A good anti ageing cream takes care of your saggy skin, fine lines and even premature wrinkles. These signs of ageing are result of collagen reduction under your skin and the damaged skin. Most of the anti ageing creams are rich in anti oxidants. Then why not use the purest form of it to get the youthful look ? What could be the better alternative than the Vitamin E capsule. Use this anti oxidant rich vitamin e oil to massage on your face every night as a night cream to smooth out the fine lines and get younger looking complexion.

Anti Ageing Cream

4. As A Lip Balm

Soft and Rosy lips is the dream of many of you while achieving that could be the pretty difficult task. Using expensive lip balms some times just end up give you the healthy sheen for an hour or two. Carrying the Vitamin E  capsule in your vanity box would certainly assure your supple and rosy lips naturally. The fatty acids do its magic on your chapped lips while the anti oxidants remove the lip pigmentation and darkness with every day usage. Just use the vitamin e oil as a lip balm on your lips.

Lip Balm

5. As A Moisturizer For Dry Skin

The skin on the elbows and knees can get rough and dry due to lack of hydration and constant friction while we work. We tend to miss the areas to moisturize and nourish. Hence as a result the knees and elbows can get rough, flaky as well as patchy. Using a rich moisturizer would definitely help to heal those dry area. The Fatty acids rich vitamin e oil is no doubt a good skin moisturizer that takes care of the dryness and remove the skin patchiness as well.

 Dry Skin

6. As A Stretch Mark Cream

Sudden change in your weight and pregnancy can end up giving the stretch marks. It specially occurs around your belly area, thighs and even on the arms. Using the anti stretch mark creams would be always your first choice to smooth out the stretch marks. But before investing into those creams you can give Vitamin E oil a try. Like other skin issues it certainly works on the stretch marks as well due to its anti oxidants which repair the damaged skin cells and nourish them as well. Use it topically on the affected area directly .

Stretch Mark Cream