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6 Natural Cure For Eye Infection In Infants


Eye infections in babies are caused due to many reasons and this infection easily affects them from the infancy to 2 years of age easily. These infections can also occur even while babies come through the birth canal or they are handed to the infected hands. These eye infections have different names like strabismus, blocked tear duct, lazy eye and pink eye, etc. During the infection there are several symptoms shows in babies such as; teary eye, swelling, itchiness, pain or white and yellow discharge from their eyes. If this condition is not treated at the primary stage, then it may lead to different health issues in the infants. So there are some home remedies and herbal cure are described below to cure this type of infections in the infants. They are as follows;

1. Cool & Warm Water Wash

When you see the symptom of eye infection in the infants just wash their eyes gently with cool disinfected water. This washing cleans out all the discharges temporarily along with reduction of pain and inflammations. Other than this procedure, you can boil some water and dip a cotton wool in it. Then with the help of this cotton wool you need to sweep the outer and inner edges of the eye to clean all kinds of discharge and debris.

Cool & Warm Water Wash

2. Wash Your Hands

This is one of the important prevention of spreading allergies or the foreign bodies from one to others because the unclean hands are carriers of infections. So you always need to wash your hands before or after you touch your baby’s affected eye. As a result of which the chances of spreading of the infection to the other eye and to your body, becomes very less.

Wash Your Hands

3. Eye-Bright

The eye-bright has powerful cleansing and strengthening properties and it is very helpful for the eye infection. You need to add 8 ounces of eye-bright in 2 cups of water and then boil it slightly. After boiling, in the warm condition put some cotton balls in it. Then just squeeze the liquid out of those balls and apply gently on the eyes of the infants. Due to the anti-allergic properties of eye-bright, the itching and swelling will be gradually reduced in the baby’s eye.


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4. Breast Milk

For the infants, breast milk is considered as the best source of nutrients and vitamins. It is a rich source of antibodies that inhibits infections in the infants. The parents can pour 2 to 3 numbers of breast milk drops in the baby’s eyes with a sterilized dropper to reduce any kind of eye infections. This procedure also reduces conjunctivitis in babies due to the medicinal effect of the breast milk.

Breast Milk

5. Saline Water

The parents need to add 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 2 cups of water and should slightly warm it till the salt dissolves. They need to wash their baby’s eye with this sea-salt solution to make them free from watery discharges and crusts. Sea salt is a natural cleansing agent and a rich source of antibiotics. On the other way the parents can dip fresh cotton cloths in that solution and place those cloths on the eyelids of the infants to reduce their infections.

Saline Water

6. Chamomile Oil

This herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful during the healing process of the infected eye of the infants. So the parents need to boil 2 cups of water and then need to add 5 drops of chamomile oil in it. Then this solution should be strained and cotton balls are to be dipped into it. Then those cotton balls should be placed on the eyelids of the infants to cure their eye infections.

 Chamomile Oil


On the other way the parents can boil the dried chamomile herb and collect the water and should mix a few drops of honey with it. Then this intake should be given to the infants 2 times per a day to strengthen their immune system to resist any kinds of infections in their bodies.