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6 Natural Remedies For Blisters

6 Natural Remedies For Blisters

6 Natural Remedies For Blisters

Do you have burns in your skin when you are cooking? Every day when we are in our kitchen major burns occurred with us due to spluttered oil, boiling tea or water or something else. Kids also faced burns when they are with the crackers. Don’t worry and first check it. Do it a minor burn or not? Do it posses blister on it? Blister is basically formed when the upper layer of the skin raises as water forms under the skin.If you have try these home remedies have excellent effect on your blisters and don’t have any side effect.Use them as a first aid without any worry. Try these 5 home remedies to cure your blister or to avoid the formation of blister on your burn. Be careful about your burns and don’t spoil it.

Here Are Some Natural Remedies For Blisters:

Cold Water 

When you have a burn on your skin immediately apply cold water on it. It will less the pain and stops the irritation caused by burn. If you apply it will stop the formation of blister.

Cold Water

Toothpaste On The Burn:

After application of water wipe carefully your wound with a soft cotton cloth. Don’t rub or else it will get spoiled. Now apply toothpaste gently on it and this remedy will soothe your skin. It stops formation of blister. It also gives you an instant cooling effect on your burn because it contains peppermint in it. Try this home remedy for instant relief.

apply Toothpaste

Potato Pulp:

Take a small potato and peel it. Make pulp of it in a mixer. Now apply this paste/pulp in the place of your burn. It also soothes your burn and cures it. It also helps you in removing the spot caused by blister.When you apply this paste try to use a fresh one for safety.

Potato Pulp

Coconut Oil:

You can try another reliable home remedy for your burn. Apply pure coconut oil on your burn to cure it. It is an excellent home remedy for avoid formation of blister. Try to use a pure one for your burn as an artificial one will cause harm to you.

Coconut Oil Treatment

Don’t Tie Your Burn:

Don’t tie your wound with cloth or sticking plaster or any thing like it as it will spoil your burn. If you tie your wound sweat will form in that place of blister and take more time to cure. Leave it open applying the aforesaid remedies as when it get contact with air the wound became dry soon and the wound will cure soon.

Don’t Tie Your Burn

Vannilla Essence:

If you apply vanilla extract on your burn immediately it will prevent the formation of blister.

vanilla extract