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6 Natural Ways To Deal With Phlebitis

Phlebitis is a condition which causes vein inflammation that may lead to severe aching and puffiness. It is a terrible situation which starts off with blood clot that stays in the veins of lungs and heart. The term phlebitis simply means vein inflammation. A better term is thrombophlebitis where thrombo means blood clot. There are two kinds of phlebitis known as deep vein thrombophlebitis which is more serious and severe compared to the other type called superficial phlebitis. The main cause behind this condition is long terms of inactivity and idleness like prolonged rest on bed or long car journeys. Other than that, phlebitis can occur due to genetic issues. Superficial phlebitis strikes the small blood vessels and the clots don’t reach the heart or lungs. For the more acute condition, refer to a physician as soon as possible. Don’t worry as medical treatments are available for this problem. However, you can try some natural methods to deal with phlebitis.

Here Is A List Of Ways To Deal With This Condition:

1. Warm Compress:

This therapy is very useful particularly when you experience puffiness and aching due to phlebitis [1]. Raise your legs and use a warm compress to gently massage the painful area. Elevation of legs can return the blood flow back to normal. Heat can prevent the solidifying of blood clots and at the same time ensures a smooth and increased blood flow. Follow this remedy whenever you suffer from pain.

Warm Compress

2. Aroma Therapy:

This therapy is an effective one that has been followed since the ancient times [2]. Essential oils particularly rosemary essential oil can increase and promote blood circulation. Mix a few drops of this oil with warm water and prepare a compress. Sit with your legs elevated and gently apply this compress for 15-30 min. This procedure can be repeated thrice a day or more. Aroma therapies can sooth and calm aggravated veins. It also prevents the blood clot from further worsening. Plus, it can relax and pacify your body and mind.

Aroma Therapy

3. Walking:

Walking is a great form of exercise which is recommended to everyone especially for people suffering from this ailment [3]. If you don’t have sufficient time for walking on a daily basis, at least change your attitudes in your daily activities. Instead of going to a nearby store by vehicle, go for a walk or have a little walk once in an hour. This kind of activity can ensure that your blood circulation is smooth and healthy.


4. Hornbeam and Holly:

Hornbeam can be taken according to the recommended dosage for this condition [4]. Phlebitis can cause fatigue and tiredness. This natural treatment can lift the tiredness and exhaustion from the body. Ask the correct dosage from the pharmacist and follow if it suits your condition. Holly is also suggested for those who are depressed and in bad temper due to this problem. Increased tension can make your condition even worse.

Hornbeam and Holly

5. Exercise:

Having a regular exercise is essential for phlebitis [5]. Do not over-exercise as it can increase your fatigue level. Have a moderate amount of work out on a daily level. A little swim is more than enough to get your blood circulation going. Try this out to improve your condition.


6. Hawthorn:

Hawthorn has been used since 17th century for this purpose [6]. It has the ability to dilate the blood vessels and increasing our peripheral circulation as well. It is a great element for diseases related with heart and inflamed veins. Ask for the correct dosage from the druggist before usage.