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6 Natural Ways to Tighten your Skin After Weight Loss

The difficult task of shedding extra weight is over, but still you might feel disappointed because of the loose, saggy skin after all your efforts. You can convince yourself saying it is natural after the Herculean task of losing the extra kilos, but still the negative impact on your self-esteem would remain. Cosmetic procedures are available right away but are dangerous and expensive. So, what should you do now? Believe in nature, as it has solution for all problems. Here we have compiled few effective, simple and easy on pocket natural remedies to tighten skin after weight loss. You can blindly start these from today as they are tried and tested and moreover, have no side effects.

Natural Ways to Tighten your Skin After Weight Loss:

1. Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is a simple trick to maintain skin elasticity, especially after weight loss. Drinking more water not only helps you stay healthy, but also improves skin health greatly. Your body needs minimum 6 glasses of water every day, the more you drink, the better it is and happier your skin would be. To increase water intake, drinking plain water is not the only way, including foods with high water content such as fresh fruits and veggies is another healthy alternate way.

Stay Hydrated

2. Sea Salt Scrub:

Exfoliating the skin is an important skin care regimen that helps restore skin health and regain elasticity. Especially, natural exfoliating scrub such as sea salt is highly beneficial for tightening sagging skin. Using the scrub every time you take a shower will nourish the skin, remove dead cells, promote better blood flow and improve skin firmness over time. Do not forget to use a moisturizer after sea salt scrub.

Sea Salt Scrub

3. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil Massage:

Olive oil and coconut oil are excellent skin health promoting ingredients that are enriched with skin-beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Taking a deep massage using either of the oil before bed will moisten the skin, nourish it, improve blood circulation, improve elasticity and leave it firm and supple. Along with getting tight, radiant and soft skin, the massage will also help improve overall health.

Coconut Oil or Olive Oil Massage

4. Egg Mask:

If you have been spending like a sailor to eliminate the saggy skin with stretch marks after shedding those extra pounds, then here is a simple natural way to tauten your skin and eliminate wrinkles without paying through your nose. Take egg whites from three large eggs and beat them well in a bowl. Smear it on the problem areas and allow it to dry. Rinse using warm water and complete the treatment with a moisturizer. Use the mask five times a week for better results.

 Egg Mask

5. Honey- Orange Juice:

Honey is an amazing natural antioxidant and moisturizing agent that has been used since ages for improving skin health and keeping it youthful. Similarly, orange juice is loaded with vitamin C, which is essential for eliminating free radicals and enhance the production of collagen (responsible for skin elasticity). A mixture of these two highly skin beneficial ingredients help tighten loose skin when consumed internally as well as applied on skin as a mask. Just mix up the ingredients and consume it and apply the rest on problem areas daily for excellent results.

Honey- Orange Juice

6. Gelatin:

Collagen is a protein that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Gelatin is a kind of protein that is derived from collagen. According to research gelatin can stimulate collagen production thereby improving skin elasticity. About 250 mg per day is the amount of gelatin that you need to include in your daily diet plan.