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6 Reasons To Limit The Consumption Of Sugar

Foods rich in sugar content occupy the larger portions of an average diet because of their taste. Sugar helps in boosting the flavor of the food. In addition, sugar also helps in preserving the shelf life. Also, desired texture can be obtained through sugar. However, it must be noted that the consumption of sugar to avoid the risk of developing various health problems. There are numerous disadvantages associated with an excess of sugar consumption. If we do not take the right decision at the right time, we may end up with many health problems.

Here Are Some Reasons To Limit The Consumption Of Sugar:

1. Suppresses The Immune System

The immune system plays an important role in combating with harmful bacteria and keeping us healthy. Excess consumption of sugar hampers the functioning of immune system. Thus, the ability of immune system is diminished with overindulgence of sugar into our diet [1]. As a result, we suffer from various health problems. Hence, only recommended amount of sugar must be added to our diet. We must understand that ingestion of excess sugar lowers the ability of immune response at once. By limiting the consumption of sugar, one is saved from immune system problems.

Suppresses the Immune System

2. Leads To Dental Decay

Sugar is bad for our teeth. Excess consumption of sugar leads to various dental problems. Our mouth is home to bacteria. Harmful bacteria will produce acids as soon as we consume sugar. For ensuring the better oral health, one should limit the intake of sugar [2] At the same time, washing the teeth right before the consumption of sugary foods helps to limit the plaque. Thereby amount of harmful bacteria can be reduced and thus acidic level can be minimized to some extent.

dental cavity

3. Leads To Obesity

Over indulgence of sugar into our diet not only increases the risk of tooth decay but also increases the risk of overweight [3]. So, a healthy eating pattern should be followed to reduce various risks that are associated with excess intake of sugar. When we add sugar, the nutritional quality of the food is reduced. This leads us to gain excess weight. One of the best ways to manage weight is to cut down the amount of sugar from our diet. This process reduces the intake of calories without reducing the nutritional value of the food. Hence, to get rid of obesity, one must be cautious about sugar consumption.


4. Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Excess intake of sugary foods increases the risk of diabetes. Hence, one must pay careful attention to their diet in order to avoid health related issues. Paying attention to sugar consumption helps to avoid various health risks including diabetes [4]. As we increase the consumption of sugar, an increase in blood glucose levels along with insulin levels can be noticed. These are said to be possible risk factors of attracting diabetes. Hence, sugar consumption must be limited to recommended levels.


5. Leads To The Formation Of Kidney Stones

High level of sugar consumption might lead to the formation of kidney stones. This is because; kidney stones are frequent in the overweight people [5]. Excess sugar consumption leads to overweight. Hence, intake of sugary beverages and foods should be limited to avoid the risk of kidney stones.

kidney stone

6. Leads To Cancer

Excessive intake of sugar increases the levels of insulin which thereby encourages the expansion of cancer cells. Colon, breast and endometrial cancers are directly related to the higher intake of sugar [6]. Hence, proper attention must be paid towards the consumption of sugar. Reducing the amount of sugar intake is the best decision to avoid health risks


The above said are just some of the negative effects caused to our body by excessive intake of sugar. However, we should understand that natural sugars have lower negative effects when compared to processed foods. By reducing the amount of sugar intake, various health problems can be kept at bay.