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6 Recipes Of Delectable Fruit Infused Water

6 Recipes Of Delectable Fruit Infused Water

Staying hydrated is important especially in the summers. The easiest way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water. But sometimes drinking just plain water can get a bit boring. We then crave for some soda which is flavorful and has that fizz which peps up your mood. But as we know sodas are not healthy. They are loaded with calories and sugars and can have harmful effects on your health. So now what can be done? Well there is a healthy answer to this “Fruit Infused Water” which is delectable and it is not just the flavor but it also serves the purpose of keeping your body hydrated without loading your body with extra calories.

Mentioned Below Are Few Recipes Of Fruit Infused Water:

Pineapple, Cherries And Apple Infused Water

Pineapple helps in digestion; apple helps control cholesterol and helps in weight loss. Cherries are also useful in controlling cholesterol levels and have anti ageing properties.


One cup of fresh pineapple piece, half cup of deseeded fresh cherries, few slices of thinly sliced apples and water


Add the pineapple, cherries and apple to the water and mix well. Leave if for few hours and enjoy this yummy drink.

Pineapple, cherries and apple infused water

Oranges And Raspberries Infused Water

Raspberries have vitamin C, E and flavanoids which helps fight cancer and also provides vitality. Oranges help in digestion and also help in maintaining the ph of the body. They are also useful is helping fight stomach problems like gas and bloating.


2 thinly sliced fresh oranges, one cup of fresh raspberries and water


In a glass of water add the fresh oranges and raspberries .Muddle them me. a bit and leave it for some. Delicious oranges and raspberries infused water is ready.

orange and raspberry

Strawberries, Cucumbers, Fresh Lime And Mint Infused Water

Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and give a boost to the immunity. Cucumbers have a cooling effect. Lime is useful for digestion.


One cup of fresh strawberries, half cup of cucumbers, two thinly sliced limes few mint sprigs and water


Add the strawberries, cucumbers and fresh lime to water. Crush and add the mint leaves. Leave it for some time. Strawberries, cucumbers, fresh lime and mint infused water is ready.

strawberry nad cucumber water

Mango, Lime And Mint Infused Water

Mango improves immunity and energies and vitalizes the body. Lime is useful for the digestive system.


One cup of fresh mango pieces, one thinly sliced lime and few sprigs of mint


Add the mango pieces and lime to the water. Crush the mint sprigs and add it to the mixture. Leave it for some time. Healthy mango, lime and mint infused water it ready.

mango lime nad mint

Grapefruit And Green Tea Infused Water

Grapefruit and green tea help improve body’s metabolism and grapefruit is also useful against cardiac diseases.


A cup of grapefruit slices, green tea and water


Take hot water and add green tea to it. Steep the solution for some time. Now strain and let the solution cool for some time. Add the grapefruit and let the mixture stand for some time. Grapefruit and green tea infused water is ready.

grapefruit nad green tea

Watermelon And Lemon Infused Water

Lemon is good for the digestive system. Watermelon has very high water content and hence helps to keep the body hydrated.


One cup of fresh watermelon pieces, few pieces of fresh lemon and water


Add water melon and lemon to the water and let it stand for some time. Watermelon and lemon infused water is ready to drink.

watermelon and lemon
Try out various permutations and combinations and enjoy these delectable water infused recipes which are tasty and also healthy and definitely a much wiser option as compared to the calorie loaded harmful sodas.