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6 Simple Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Lice

Just the thought of head lice in your head might send some of you scampering for cover. Such are the effects these tiny parasites have in our daily lives. Head lice practically live on your scalp and feed on the blood and this is a common problem among children. They multiply quickly and a full blown lice problem can be difficult to eradicate completely. They cause itchiness and red spots all over your scalp and they can easily spread when you get in contact with an infected person. Using the same comb, wearing the same clothes of an infected individual and using the same bedding can also increase the chances of lice.

While medically there are many ways to keep this menace under check, let us take a peep at some of the best home remedies that are beneficial in solving the lice problem. Do note that you need some patience to curb the lice problem completely, as it cannot happen overnight.

6 Simple Home Remedies for Getting Rid Of Lice:

1. Garlic Remedy:

Garlic has a strong essence in them and its pungent strong smell can be beneficial in keeping the lice problem under control. Grind about 10 garlic cloves into a fine paste and add in 3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice to it. Whip it well and apply it on your scalp. Give it a good rinse after about 30 minutes. This is one of the best and effective home remedies for getting rid of lice. Alternatively, you can add in a drop or two of rosemary essential oil in case the pungent smell is too overpowering [1].

Garlic Remedy

2. Olive Oil Remedy:

Olive oil is one of the safe bets to slay the head lice problem of your scalp. Mix half a cup of olive oil to half a cup of conditioner; make it into a paste and apply it on your scalp. After letting it absorb for about an hour wash off well. You can also use raw olive oil directly in your hair. Before hitting the bed apply generous quantities of olive oil to your scalp and hair, wear a shower cap and go to sleep. In the morning, comb out the dead lice from your hair [2].

Olive Oil Remedy

3. Salt Remedy:

This age old remedy has been used by people since medieval times to take care of the lice problem as it is very effective. Take some quarter cup of vinegar in a bowl and add in about a quarter cup of sea salt and mix well. Apply this on your hair and scalp, making sure that it does not get into your eyes. Use a shower cap if needed and let it rest for about 2 hours. Wash off completely later and use a mild conditioner to remove the coarseness. Use this once a week for getting results [3].

Salt Remedy

4. Tree Tea Oil Remedy:

Do you know that some cultures use Tea tree essential oil as a natural insecticide? Having said that, tea tree essential oil can be effectively used for the lice problem. However, do note that you should never apply tea tree oil directly to your scalp. Also, a fraction of the population can be allergic to tea tree oil. So check out your allergic levels before hand [4].

Mix just one teaspoon of tea tree oil to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or almond oil. Add in a generous quantity of your regular shampoo and mix well to form a fine lather. Use this on your dampened hair and gently massage for some time. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for about half an hour. Rinse well later with hot water or lukewarm water. You can use a comb to brush off the dead lice sticking off your hair. Use this procedure once in a month. 

5. White Vinegar Remedy:

White vinegar has acetic acid components in it and they can be safely used to eradicate the lice trouble. Take some white vinegar and dilute them with equal parts of water. Dampen your hair and apply this mix on your scalp. Make sure that it does not drop on your eyes. Wrap a towel around your head or use a shower cap. Rinse well later and comb your hair. For more serious cases, you can use a cotton bud dipped in white vinegar and apply it by section on the affected area [5].

White Vinegar Remedy

6. Mayonnaise Remedy:

Who would have thought that the lip smacking mayonnaise can be used as one of the remedies for curbing lice! The truth is mayonnaise has lots of oil and the viscosity properties can suffocate the lice if applied directly on your scalp. For best results, use it overnight. Use a full- fat mayonnaise and apply it generously on your scalp. Put on a shower cap and hit the bed. Shampoo in the morning and comb off the dead lice. Your scalp can be a bit sticky. Hence use a mild conditioner. Use this once a week for a shorter period [6].

Mayonnaise Remedy