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6 Simple Tips To Soothe A Burnt Tongue

How many of you have experienced a scenario where you have put in something hot in your mouth and helped in response? Almost, everyone correct? That is because we would have all undergone this experience at least once in our lives. Many times, we end up burning our tongues in the process.  While drinking cold water can soothe it immediately, in some cases the burn signs are severe and would take its own time to heal. A burnt tongue can affect your taste buds and you may experience signs of redness and pain. Worse – for some time you might feel some discomfort whenever you take food in.

Tongues are very sensitive and even a minor burn can cause much discomfort. You might have to limit your intake of hot foods for a brief period. While it is ok to consult your doctor for severe burnt cases, minor cases can be taken care at home. Some simple home remedies can go a long way in curbing the burn signs. Let Us Take A Look At Some Of The Simple Ways To Get Rid Of A Burnt Tongue.

6 Simple Tips to Soothe a Burnt Tongue:

1. Have Something Cold:

This is the natural remedy that we do automatically when we have something hot or when our tongue burns. A Cold food can prevent further inflammations and can subsidize tissue damages. The best method would be to get something cold to the affected area as quickly as possible. You can suck in an ice cube or eat your favorite ice cream. You can drink some really chilled fresh juice or chilled water to soothe the redness. Before swallowing try to hold these items in your mouth for as long as possible.

Have Something Cold

2. Honey:

Honey is one of the best ingredients that can be beneficial for a burnt tongue. It is antibacterial and can prevent further damages to the tongue tissues. You can use raw or Manuka honey for best results. Take a teaspoon of honey and spread over your tongue. Keep it on the affected region for as long as possible before swallowing. Repeat it twice a day. Please do not give honey to children less than one year of age as it is not advisable.


3. Aloe Vera:

We all know about how Aloe Vera is beneficial for your skin and hair. But did you know that it can be beneficial for a burnt tongue? It soothes the damaged cells and its cool properties can soothe the burn symptoms. Try going for this remedy with fresh aloe Vera gel extracted from an Aloe Vera leaf. Else you can opt for the fresh Aloe Vera juice which is available in the market.

Apply a few drops on your tongue and spread evenly. Repeat few times a day.  In case the burn symptoms are severe you can make Aloe Vera gel into ice cubes and you can suck on them at regular intervals.

Aloe Vera

4. Yogurt:

Yogurt can soothe your tongue and can be beneficial in getting instant relief from the burns. Your tongue may turn sore due to the burn symptoms. Yogurt is the best ingredient to use in such cases. Take half a cup of chilled yogurt. Now take a teaspoon of yogurt in your mouth, keep it for some time and then swallow. Continue the procedure with the entire cup. Have it once or twice a day for best results. You can alternate yogurt with fresh curd too.


5. Sugar:

One simple remedy that is both fun and beneficial is using sugar to curb the symptoms. It also soothes your tongue tissues and can be beneficial in providing relief from the discomfort. Take a teaspoon of sugar and keep in your mouth. Do not swallow. Let the sugar melt on its own. Repeat the procedure as needed. This procedure is not recommended for people with high blood sugar levels.


6. Mint:

Mint is antibacterial and has cooling properties. It is also beneficial in numbing the area and reduces inflammation. Wash some mint leaves and refrigerate them for some time. Chew them after taking them out making sure that the juice reaches the affected parts. You can alternatively have cold mint tea by sipping it slowly. In case you use mint toothpaste, take a small quantity of the paste and apply it on your tongue, while sticking it out. After 5 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly.

Also, when you have a burnt tongue, avoid taking hot liquids and crunchy foods like nuts or chips. Avoid spicy foods and curb alcohol and smoking for some time as they may irritate your tongue. Do not drink anything hot and always test the temperature of a liquid before drinking it. Drink lots of cold water. In most of the cases, a burnt tongue heals on its own. If it doesn’t, seek medical attention immediately.