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6 Steps To DIY Rose Facial For Rejuvenated And Glowing Skin

Facial is one of the most important regimen to pamper our skin and to keep it healthy. we generally depend on the spas and parlors to get the facial done which is not possible every time due to our hectic schedule. Hence we restrict our self only to get it done on some occasions. But with some easily available natural ingredients you can pamper your skin at home with a homemade facial at any time that you want. Today we are going to discuss about a homemade Rose facial which you can do at home on weekends to get glowing skin with only few ingredients . It is quiet cheaper too as compared to your parlor visits.

Steps To DIY Rose Facial For Rejuvenated And Glowing Skin

1. Cleansing

The first step in the facial. Cleansing helps to remove all the dirt, excess oil and impurities from your skin and prepares your skin for further step. To prepare this rose cleanser we would need four teaspoons of Rose water, one teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon essential oil. Mix all the ingredients properly and massage on your face . Let it sit for a minute and wash off with warm water. Rose helps to soothe the skin. Honey contains anti septic and anti bacterial properties which help to cleanse the skin effectively. It does not strip off natural oils from your skin and hence keep your skin nourished. Pat dry your face and move to the next step.



2. Steaming

In this process we would open the skin pores and cleanse it effectively with steaming. You can use your regular steamer or you can get a large bowl of boiling water. Add few rose petals and few drops of rose essential oil. If you do not have essential oil then you can add one tablespoon of rose water as well. Take a steam for at least 10 minutes by covering your head with towel. Lets move to the third step now.


3. Exfoliation

In this step we would scrub the face to remove the dead skin cells, blackheads as well as whiteheads. To prepare this scrub you would need 4 to 5 almonds, one teaspoon of sugar, few rose petals and one teaspoon of milk cream. If you do not have milk cream then you can use milk powder as well. First grind the almond in to a granular powder and crush the rose petals as well. Now mix all the ingredients together to get a thick paste . If you are using milk powder then you can add rose water to make a paste. Your Rose scrub is ready. Scrub your face with this mixture in circular motion for at least 10 minutes gently. Concentrate more on your blackheads and whiteheads area as well as the forehead. Now let it sit for another 10 minutes and wash off it cold water. This scrub helps to remove the dead skin cells effectively. It also helps to remove the blackheads and whiteheads. Due to almond powder and milk cream it would leave your skin soft and nourished with a radiant glow.



4. Massage

This is the fourth step in our Rose facial. Massage helps to improve the blood circulation and adds a natural glow to your skin. It also helps to relax your facial muscles. To prepare the homemade rose massage cream your would need two tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 10 drops of rose essential oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and one vitamin e capsule. First take a bowl and add an aloe vera gel in it. You can use fresh aloe vera gel or the store bought ones. Add the essentials oils to it. Puncture the vitamin e capsule and add the oil in the mixture. Mix well to get a gel creme texture. Your massage cream is ready. Massage your face with this gel creme for at least 15 minutes. You can keep a bowl of ice water ready before starting the massage. Dip your fingers in between in the ice water while massaging. It would help to tone your saggy skin. Wipe off the excess gel with cotton once done with the massage. This massage gel creme would instantly hydrate and nourish skin due to aloe vera. Essential oils would help to relax your facial muscles and improve the blood circulation to bring out the natural glow on your face. Lets move to the fifth step now.


5. Face Mask

In this step we would close the skin pores by using a facial mask. To prepare this facial mask you would need few rose petals, one teaspoon of grounded oatmeal, one teaspoon of yogurt, few saffron strands and one teaspoon of gram powder. Crush the rose petals. Soak saffron strands for few minutes in Yogurt. Mix all the ingredients well and make a thick paste. Your face mask is ready. Apply this mask on your face with the helps of a brush and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face later with cold water.This face mask would help  to shrink the open pores and also lighten your skin tone due to the saffron and yogurt. Gram flour would help to reduce the blemishes and dark spots with regular usage. Rose petals would help to tone the skin and its natural hydrating properties would help to moisturize the skin naturally. You can also put chilled cotton pads soaked in rose water on your eyes when the mask is applied on your face to soothe your eyes.

 Face Mask

6. Toning

This would be the last step in facial. In this we would be toning the face and would remove the traces of any ingredients left on the face. You can simple dip a cotton ball and wipe our face with it.  This would leave your face with a rosy glow and softer skin which would last longer than any other salon facials.


You can follow this facial every fortnight to maintain the glow and radiant skin. This facial take approx an hour. It is suitable for all skin types. Try this easy rose facial at home and share your experience with us.