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6 Steps To Homemade BB Cream For The Flawless Look

Today market is flooded with various BB creams. Now even cc creams have come to this list. It has become very difficult to choose from them and some them costs bomb for the pocket. BB creams are always comes to handy when you don’t to use foundation. BB creams are best when you need something for daily use which can cover your skin flaws and give light coverage.

Today We Are Going To Discuss About How We Can Prepare Bb Cream At Home With All The Available Ingredients:

Step 1

In the First Step you would need to collect the required ingredients. You would need an empty container in which you can store your BB cream. You would also need a Sunscreen, a Foundation, a primer and a regular moisturizer. If you don’t have a primer then you can skip it.

Step 2

In this step you would need to add Moisturizer in the container. You can use any moisturizer of your choice but make sure it should not end up giving you greasy look since we are going to prepare a BB cream out of it. Hence it is recommended to choose an oil free light moisturizer which will hydrate your skin without making your skin oily.

Step 3

In this step we would add a sunscreen to the moisturizer. It is recommended to choose Sunscreen with higher SPF and Waterproof. Try to avoid the tinted sunscreens. Make sure you add an appropriate quantity since the excess of it can cause mixture oily. If you don’t have a sunscreen you can also use your regular cream or lotion if it contains SPF.

Step 4

We will be adding a Primer now to the mixture. We all know the benefits of primer. It helps to stay the make up for the longer time. Hence when we mix it in our BB cream preparation, it helps to stay it for all day. You can use any primer of your choice according to your skin type.

Step 5

In this step we would be adding a tint to our baby cream. This is very important step since we are going to prepare the BB skin according to your skin type and skin tone. Hence it is very important to add a foundation which matches your skin tone. You can decide the quantity according to the coverage that you would require. Add few drops of Foundation to the mixture.

Step 6

In this step we will be mixing the mixture with the help of a Q tip.You would need to mix it very well to get a BB cream consistency . Your BB cream is ready to use.

BB Cream

Since we have added all the ingredients according our skin type it would be suitable for every skin. It is light weight and doesn’t leave any greasy film after application. We have also added sunscreen in it hence you don’t need to use it additionally.It gives natural finish and dewy look. If you have an oily skin and would like to have a matte skin you can also add some compact or loose powder in it. It keeps skin hydrated due to moisturizer added in it and lasts long day due to the primer.

If you have such ideas of homemade beauty products do share with us . Try this BB cream at home and let us know your experience.