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6 Super Foods To Combat Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal glands are very helpful in healthy functioning of the body as they help in maintain the blood sugar level, salt content and most importantly they maintain the immunity of the body to save us from a number of diseases. The hormones released by adrenal glands act as a natural stress reliever but the normal functioning of adrenal glands is also affected if the person in under constant attack of stress both physical as well as emotional. This condition in which the functioning of adrenal glands is affected is known as adrenal fatigue which makes us unable to cope up with the stress which in turn affects our health. The common symptoms are inflammation, dizziness, lack of energy, fatigue, low blood pressure and improper circulation of blood.

Here Is The List Of Super Foods That You Should Add To Your Daily Routine In Order To Combat The Problem Of Adrenal Fatigue:


Eggs are one of the best natural foods that are very effective in treating the problem and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Eggs being a very good protein source help in maintaining the energy in your body. Not only this, the B 12 content of egg stimulates the production of neurotransmitters which in turn helps in the production of new red blood cells that help in preventing the problems associated with low blood pressure and circulation.


Olive Oil

Consumption of olive oil stimulates the hormone production produced by the adrenal glands. Olive oil helps in reducing the level of inflammation which is a direct result of adrenal fatigue. Not only this, omega 3 content of olive oil provides the essential fats that help in maintaining the energy levels in the body.

olive oil


The vitamin B 5 content of mushrooms helps in stimulating the adrenal glands to function normally. This in turn helps in reducing the symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, head ache etc. Not only this, vitamin B 5 also acts as an energy provider and helps in maintaining an overall good health of skin, muscles, nerves, abdomen and most importantly the adrenal glands.



Lemons help in a number of ways to combat the problem of adrenal fatigue. First of all it helps in maintaining the adequate pH level inside the body. Drinking lemon juice on regular intervals helps in keeping your body hydrated. Not only this, regular consumption of lemon prevents the other adrenal fatigue problems like depression, anxiety and lack of energy.


Sea Salt

The minerals present in the sea salt are very useful in boosting the energy levels of the body and thus fighting off the major problem of adrenal fatigue. Due to the problem of adrenal fatigue there is an improper synthesis of aldosterone hormone which is basically responsible to maintain the required salt level inside the body. Due to its improper synthesis kidneys are not able to hold salt inside the body and the direct result of which is a low blood pressure. But thanks to the sea salt that helps in replenishing the salt requirement of the body and also helps in maintain the required blood pressure.

sea salt

Bell Pepper

Adrenal glands store vitamin C and synthesize cortisol and other hormones with the help of it. But the attack of stress increases the consumption of vitamin C which in turn affects the normal functioning of adrenal glands. Therefore our body requires a constant supply of vitamin C to fight off the stress attacks and thanks to the bell pepper which is a rich source of vitamin C we can combat the problem of adrenal fatigue. Adding these bell peppers to your daily routine gives adequate amount of vitamin C to the body which in turn stimulates adrenal gland to secrete hormones to fight off stress.

Bell Peppers