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6 Super Simple Ways To Use Coconut Milk To Get Stronger And Silky Hair

How many times have search the kitchen racks to get something for your home remedies ? Most of us feel super lazy to prepare something on our own to take care of our hair and skin. Hence we rely on the ready to use chemical loaded products to take care. But again at the end of the day you cry on yourself when you see the side effects caused due to those harsh chemicals.It is pretty obvious that if you are getting instant and temporary results then it wont be natural. It may affect you in the long run. Hence now take a pledge to devote some time from your hectic routine and give a much needed attention to your hair and skin. If you talk about hair care then you wont even need expensive products to keep it healthy. Just few things from your kitchen and refrigerator would save your hair from damage. Seems interesting ? One of the easily available thing in our kitchen Coconut milk. We use it our curries and desserts to make it delicious.

Super Simple Ways To Use Coconut Milk To Get Stronger And Silky Hair

1. Nourishing Hair Massage

If you do not have coconut milk handy then you can simply grate the coconut and grind it by adding some water in it. Once done take it out and strain the mixture by using a wash cloth. Make sure you squeeze the wash cloth properly to take out the get the coconut milk. Your homemade coconut milk is ready to use. Here we would use the Coconut milk to massage your hair. A good hair massage is very important to boost the blood circulation of your scalp and nourish the hair follicles. This leads to a natural and healthy hair growth. Now instead of your regular hair oil use this fresh coconut cream to massage your scalp. This natural moisturizer would nourish and hydrate the scalp as well as hair cuticles and keep it stronger. A good 15 minutes of massage is recommended to make sure your hair are infused with the nutrients. Follow up with a rinse of cold water. Do not use shampoo now. Let you hair rest over night and shampoo next day to get super healthy and super soft hair.

Nourishing Hair Massage

2. Reduce The Hair Fall

You see it on the floor, on your chair and specially in the bathroom when you take a bath. We are talking about hair. No matter how hard we try not to keep it open to reduce its breakage but still it would show its presence everywhere. If you are done with all the possible solutions to save your mane then try this remedy. Prepare a simple hair mask by using One tablespoon of  Indian Gooseberry Oil and Five Tablespoons of Coconut Milk. Make sure you heat this mixture a bit before applying to your hair. Massage it into your hair the way you apply hair oil. Cover every strand of your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair after half an hour. Try this remedy weekly to experience the great difference in your hair

Reduce The Hair Fall

3. Grow Your Hair With Coconut Milk

If your hair are healthy and free from damage it would grow faster. Hence the first step towards hair growth is to nourish your hair and repair the damaged hair fibers. How about giving a dose of deep nourishment and hydration to your hair ? Gather these ingredients. Three tablespoons of Coconut Milk, Six tablespoons of Fresh Yogurt and a teaspoon of camphor powder. Start blending all the ingredients to get the thick hair mask. Put this mask on your for an hour and rinse it with a good shampoo.

Grow Your Hair With Coconut Milk

4. Revive The Damaged Hair

How many time you visit to salons to get the hair spa done? That an hour of pampering gives you a relief of dry and frizzy hair . But that result lasts only up to few days . What if you can give this spa session to your every week to revive your damaged free hair and keep it softer? Coconut milk would help you to achieve that. Take Three Tablespoons of Coconut Milk and Two tablespoons of Fresh Aloe Vera Gel. Create a creamy mask with these ingredients and spread it on your hair. Massage for some time and let it rest on your hair for another 30 minutes. Give a good wash to your hair later with a mild shampoo. Give this weekly homemade spa therapy to your hair to get softer and damaged free hair.

Revive The Damaged Hair

5. Keep Your Hair Dandruff Free

Ditch your anti dandruff shampoos and try this mask. This scalp cleansing and deep nourishing mask would work lot better than those expensive chemical loaded shampoos to reduce the dandruff. Guess what it would help to reduce the scalp infections and scalp itchiness as well. Lets start to prepare this. Blend Three Tablespoons of Coconut Milk, Six tablespoons of Yogurt and One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to make a mask. Apply this anti dandruff mask on scalp and your hair for 20 minutes. Twice a week application would help to get you a dandruff free scalp.

Keep Your Hair Dandruff Free

6. Get Instant Shine In Your Hair

Why to use those expensive leave in conditioners and serums when you have a gentle remedy from mother nature to give you shiny locks? It would just take 15 minutes of time to get the dazzling shine into your hair. Want to know how ? Lets start. Grab Four Tablespoons of Coconut Milk, One Ripe Banana and One Tablespoon of raw honey. Blend these ingredients in the grinder to get a smoothie like consistency. Put this deep conditioning mask on your tresses with brush and wait for 15 minutes. Now use only water first to remove the mask. Once the traces and mask residue is removed from from your hair then  start shampooing your hair by using any herbal or mild shampoo. Use a good conditioner to lock the moisture into the hair and let it dry naturally. Once dries run a comb through your hair gently to experience the softer and shinier hair as if you have just came our of a salon.

Get Instant Shine In Your Hair