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6 Super Tasty Recipes Of Juices For Healthy Hair

Do you think only a good shampoo, conditioner or an oil can give you longer and beautiful mane? Even if you apply the hair mass let it be store bought one or the one which you prepare at home gives the nourishment externally to your hair. Internal nourishment is equally essential as topical one since it gives you the results for longer time. Imagine you are supplying all the vital nutrients and minerals to your hair internally and you do not need to go to those expensive salons and parlors to take care of your hair. Now how to supply those nutrients to your internally? Juice. Yes. What could be the best and easiest way to get those nutrients in your body. Most of us hate to eat the raw veggies. Hence you can use your blender and puree them. Do you know these raw juices can help you in a great way to get healthy and longer hair ? Above all these juices can be used on your hair as a mask also to get the healthy shine.

Super Tasty Recipes Of Juices For Healthy Hair:

1. Parsnip And Beetroot Juice

Most of us like to sip the Beetroot and Carrot juice. It is great for our skin and eyes as well. But apart from getting a good eye sight and skin you can use this to get healthy hair as well. But before blending add few parsnip as well. Parsnips are very beneficial for our digestive system and also aids in healthy hair growth.

Parsnip And Beetroot Juice

2. Carrot And Alfalfa Sprout Juice

Alfalfa Sprouts are rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Calcium. Hence it improves the digestion system and takes care of damaged skin cells and hair fibers as well. You can try and include these Alfalfa sprouts in your sprouts or sandwiches. When we talk about juices for hair growth you can simply blend a cup of Alfalfa Sprouts and four small sized carrots. Twice a thrice a week consumption of this juice would certainly make a difference in your hair.

Carrot And Alfalfa Sprout Juice

3. Celery And Apple Juice

An Apple in day keeps a doctor away. Similarly it would help to keep your hair worries away. Just Blend an apple with celery sticks and two small carrots. Regular feeding of this juice would give you beautiful and healthy locks. You can sip this juice daily in your breakfast.

Celery And Apple Juice

4. Carrot And Cucumber Juice

You must have been noticing that carrot is included in most of the juices that we have been listing here. Since it is rich in Vitamin A and K which really helps to revitalize the damaged hair follicles and add a new life to it. Take two carrots and blend it with cucumber and beetroot. This concoction would facilitate the clean scalp and eventually the hair growth.

Carrot And Cucumber Juice

5. Apple And Carrot

This tasty juice is a great alternative to satisfy your taste buds and your hair locks too. Whats more ? Along with healthy mane it would give you beautiful skin as well. Start blending the Apple, Carrot and Beetroot to get smoother juice. Sip it everyday to get longer hair and pinking glowing skin naturally.

Apple And Carrot

6. Honey And Onion Juice

Here this juice can be used for topical application and can be taken internally as well. The Onion juice remedy is quiet popular for hair loss and hair thinning. Extract the fresh onion juice and mix it with honey. Use it on scalp and sip daily as well.

Honey And Onion Juice