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6 Tips To Get Rid Of The Dry Skin In Winters

Perhaps, you might not be knowing that a few habit of our can cause havoc to our already dry skin. If skin is oily, it hardly goes dry or rough as it continues to secrete oils but what should you be doing to the already dry skin types. Well, you cannot change your skin texture but you can always follow some tips that can help minimize the dryness and roughness to the skin. Such 6 tips are given down below. These are needed to be practiced mostly in winters but can also be followed in summer.

Top 6 Tips You Must Follow In Winters to Save Your Skin from Getting Drier:

1. Save Your Skin From Excessive Exposure To The Sunlight:

Excessive exposure to the sunlight plays a dramatic effect to the skin. Try to stay away from sunlight as much as you can. If this seems impossible, try using natural methods like using umbrella or covering your skin with scarf or something like this. This will prevent the UV radiation reach your skin and free the skin from dryness and peeling anymore. Do follow this tip whether it is summer or winter.

Save Your Skin From Excessive Exposure To The Sunlight

2. Have Plenty Of Liquids:

In winters, we hardly feel like drinking liquid but we forget that this is what our skin demands the most at this time of the year. The shortage of liquid in our skin leads to more and more dryness. The skin which undergoes dehydration becomes very dry therefore, keeping this in mind, you must drink more and more liquid in winters. Try to copy your summer habit of drinking much water in winters also. Do drink at least 8 to 10 glasses on water every day. If you can’t then you may switch water with homemade juice or smoothies as well.

This is a good habit to keep the body hydrated, our skin normal and absence of dry and scaly patches on our skin. Along with this, try to keep away from the caffeinated beverages as these are responsible for causing dehydration to the skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water

3. Keep Away From Washing Your Face Frequently

Taking bath once every day is good for our system but we don’t stick to the same habit when it comes to washing face. We tend to wash our face more than once or numerous times whether it is winters or summers. In summers, it is okay to some extent because our skin loses oil but the same thing does not happen in winters. Try to wash your face not more than 1 to 2 times every day whether it is summer or winters. This will help to maintain the moisture of the face and keep the skin free from getting dry.

Also, while washing your face, make sure that you don’t use deodorant soap as these contains chemicals that only aggravates the condition or the dry skin making it even flakier. Keep your skin saved from getting rough and dry and settle for such smooth tips.

Keep Away From Washing Your Face Frequently

4. Try To Avoid Hot Water

Hot water when used on the face or skin or just anywhere causes the body to lose its retained moisture. You must be knowing what happens when all the moisture of the body is gone. Yes, it becomes drier and drier. If you use hot water in winters then try to challenge this habit of yours with lukewarm water. The lukewarm water will feel good to the skin and will also not seize the moisture from the skin. Whenever your wash your face or take a bath, try using lukewarm water. Also, instead of rubbing your skin dry, try to pat it. It will help to maintain proper blood circulation into the skin thus keeping it free from dryness.

Try To Avoid Hot Water

5. Prefer Using A Humidifier In Your Room

A humidifier in your room while you sleep is excellent for preventing the dry skin else our room contain the dry heat that only causes the skin to becomes drier and develop patches. Use humidifier in your room and get some moisture in your skin which will prevent the dry skin and remove its roughness. Follow this tip, whether it is winters or summer.

Prefer Using A Humidifier In Your Room

5. Take Care Of The Vitamin And Minerals That You Take

The vitamins and minerals that you take decide the future of our skin. These help in removing the flakiness from the skin and make it look more normal and fresh. Add food to your diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Choose organic foods as these help in keeping the stress level also down. In some cases, the body instead of being supplied with organic minerals and nutrients is not able to show it to the skin. If you are one such case, then you can settle for the vitamins and minerals supplements.

These will compensate with what our body requires and show the visible results on skin as well. This is one such tip that we normally ignore and then complain of the dry skin. Now keep this in mind and take care of your diet and must know what you should include in your diet.

Take Care Of The Vitamin And Minerals That You Take