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6 Top And Best Sources Of Antioxidants

6 Top And Best Sources Of Antioxidants

Anti oxidants is a completely natural chemical compound which prevents the damages caused by the free radicals in our body. Free radicals are produced in our body during different physiological process. It may be generated in the time of oxidative metabolism in our body. The free radical causes damage in our body and also responsible for the aging process in our body. The aging signs may appear in the roughness of your skin, appearance of wrinkles in your skin, premature aging etc. Anti oxidants also removes toxin from our body and keeps it healthy.Anti oxidants works miraculously on your skin and body for preventing the aging signs. Anti oxidants does not found in our body. We have to intake in the form of foods. Anti oxidants are found in mainly plant sources. There are various types of foods that contain a large amount of anti oxidants in it. Try to include these foods in your regular diet to get the benefit of anti oxidants most.

Here Are The Lists Of The Foods Which Are Great Sources Of Antioxidants:


Tomato is a very popular vegetable among all of us. It is one type of red colored juicy vegetable which contains various medicinal benefits. It contains Lycopin, anti oxidants and vitamin C. It is also a very good source for anti oxidant. Include this vegetable in your diet to get the benefits of anti oxidants as this vegetable is rich in anti oxidants. Make soups or curries or just intake it raw in your salads to consume this vegetable.



Papaya is a delicious yellow orange colored fruit which is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and different type of phyto nutrients. Beta Carotene is a one type of anti oxidant which is beneficial for your body. According to the modern medical research anti oxidants present in papaya cures various types of cancer like prostate, colon and breast in their early stage. It also prevents cancer in human body.


Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of flavonoids which is basically one type of anti oxidant. Regular consumption of green tea provides you the benefits of anti oxidants which is beneficial for naturally cancer prevention. It also reduces the aging signs in your body such as wrinkles in your skin etc. Anti oxidants are found in liquid form in green tea. So, when you want to have a cup of tea then please choose green tea to intake anti oxidants.

Green Tea (2)


Orange is the most popular among all the citrus fruits around the globe. It contains a large amount of vitamin C which is basically one type of active anti oxidant. Regular consumption of one orange per day can reduces the chance of cancer in your body. The anti oxidants present in orange is helpful in lungs and oral cavity cancer.



Carrot is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and lots of other vitamin and minerals too. Use this yellowish orange vegetable in your salads or in daily cooking to consume it regularly. Beta carotene is a medically proven anti oxidant which reduces the chances of cancer in human body. It also slows down the aging process in our body and stops premature aging of our body. You may drink carrot juice daily or can make drinks with carrot juice to bring more variety in your diet.

Carrots (2)


Strawberries are also a vital source of anti oxidants. It is power packed with natural fibers and vitamin C also. Regular consumption of strawberry as smoothies or milk shake can provide you all the benefits of anti oxidants naturally.