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6 Useful Home Remedies For Boils And Carbuncles

Home Remedies For Boils And Carbuncles

A boil which is also known as furuncle is a microbial infection caused by the congested oil in the follicles and glands. Boils occur in the form of agonizing reddish swelling and pink patches. After several hours, the bumps will be filled with pus. As time passes it increases in size and the pain can aggravate. This can continue for 6-7 days until a yellowish point forms on the top. Then the boil will crack and shrink in size. Usually boils disappear after two weeks. However, it may leave some scars and blemishes. Whereas a carbuncle is a collection of boils that appear on the thighs, shoulders and neck. This is more prone in older men. This condition is more acute compared to boils. The infection is deeper. Scar marks can appear which can take time to heal. People who has ailments like eczema or other diseases that affect the structure of the skin are more vulnerable to boils and carbuncles. You can visit a dermatologist or skin specialist to solve this issue. Instead try some homemade therapies which are safe, natural and free from side effects.

Here Is A List Of Easy And Hassle-free Home Remedies For Boils And Carbuncles:

1. Cornmeal:

Have an intake of 3 teaspoons of dry cornmeal every morning for 3 consecutive days  [1]. It is better to consume on empty stomach. Then skip this procedure for 3 days. After that, repeat the process for another 3 days. Do this again and again until you have taken a total of 9 teaspoons of cornmeal. It can reduce the pain caused by this condition and the boils can dry up quickly.


2. Ginger And Asafetida:

This remedy is very effective in treating boils and carbuncles [2]. Obtain some dry ginger and asafetida. Grind them into a fine paste by adding a little water. Apply this paste over the boils at least twice per day. Follow this frequently for best results. It can heal the blemishes and can provide some relief from pain.


3. Flaxseed:

Flaxseed is a famous ingredient for many skin problems and it has been used in many home remedies since the ancient times [3]. Have some flaxseed meal poultice and apply them on the affected area. To obtain better outcomes apply warm flaxseed poultice. Boils can disappear if this remedy is followed in a regular manner.


4. Betel Leaves:

Take a betel leaf and gently warm it by placing on flame [4]. Warm it till it becomes soft. Apply a layer of castor oil on it. Then spread the coated leaf on top of the boils and carbuncles. This can be done twice or thrice a day. It can heal the inflamed parts of your skin. The boils shall vanish and fade away after few applications. Betel leaves contain anti-inflammatory and natural skin healing qualities.

Betel Leaves

5. Fig:

Fig is another element that can naturally heal boils on our skin [5]. Split open a fig and apply it as a poultice on the inflamed skin area. Then wash off after half an hour. Follow this remedy habitually to get positive results.


6. Onion:

Cut a thick slice of onion and place it over the boil [6]. Wrap the area with a cotton cloth and leave it for some time. This is done to retain the moisture and keep the air out. Onion can cause a slight stinging effect to the skin initially. Ignore it and after some time it will subside. Try this technique at least thrice a week to get improvements.