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6 Useful Home Remedies For Flu Symptoms

Flu which is also known as influenza is an irritating illness which can spoil your day. The influenza virus can travel through the air when a person with same sickness coughs or sneezes. Since it is an airborne disease, it can spread easily. Some of the symptoms of flu are coughing, sore throat, head ache, nasal block and breathing difficulties. The symptoms may range from minor to severe. For adults, the cough can stay up to 2 weeks or more. Children might face vomiting and nausea as well. It has become a common infection nowadays. We tend to approach doctors immediately to solve this problem. However, there are many home Remedies available which is safe and can be tried at home.

Here Is A List Of Home-made Techniques For Flu Symptoms:

1. Steam Bath:

Having a steam bath is an ideal solution for flu symptoms. Inhaling steam can give you some relief from congested nose, sore throat and headaches. Some people might experience body pain when the flu symptoms get severe. Steam bath can also calm down the strained muscles and nerves in our body.[1] Give yourself a steamy shower 2-3 times per day for better outcomes.

Steam Bath

2. Chicken Soup:

Soup has been given to children whenever they get flu since the olden days. This is an effective remedy that ought to be followed by everyone.[2] A recent study proved that chicken soup is useful in dealing with upper respiratory illnesses like flu. When you drink a bowl of soup, the aroma itself can provide you some relief from this issue. Hence, have at least a bowl of chicken soup on a daily basis to get improved results.

Chicken Soup

3. Nasal Irrigation:

Prepare a cup of salt solution by mixing some salt in lukewarm water. Obtain saline squeeze bottle or neti pot from medical stores. Use it to pour a little salt solution in one nostril and drain it through the other nostril.[3] It is quite hard to follow this remedy but is very effective in alleviating flu related problems. This method helps to remove the clogged mucus and thus freeing up nasal blockages.

Nasal Irrigation

4. Warm Compress:

Have a warm cloth and gently press on your forehead for some time. You can also apply on the sinus and nose areas to get better results. It can relax the strained and tensed muscles. Warm compress can reduce nose blockages and head pains as well. Breathing difficulties can be reduced by following this technique. This can be done thrice a day.

Warm Compress

5. Take Rest:

You should not do exercise and follow on your daily errands when infected with flu. Your body needs a lot of rest. If you force yourself to carry out daily activities, your condition might get worse. By taking rest, you are allowing your immune system to fight off the influenza virus which can promote faster recovery.

Take rest

6. Gargle And Spit:

Add some salt to a glass of lukewarm water. Gargle a mouthful of this solution for some time and spit it out. Repeat this procedure at least 3 times a day to get betterment of health. This method is beneficial in removing the accumulated mucus and phlegm in your throat especially when you had a long sleep. It is recommended to do this once you wake up in the morning.

Gargle and Spit

Follow the easy and hassle-free techniques above at home to get better and healthier quickly.