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6 Useful Homemade Solutions For Urticaria Or Hives

Solutions For Urticaria Or Hives

Hives which is scientifically known as Urticaria is an occurrence of pale and swollen reddish bulges or bumps on the skin. The main reason behind this is the body’s response to allergy causing food items and sometimes it can occur due to unspecified reasons. Other known reasons for hives are insect bites, viral infections, sunlight, stress, pressure, allergic medications. These cause the leakage of a chemical known as histamine into the inner layers of skin which results in the formation of hives. The effects of hives are burning sensation, pain and itchiness. They can appear anywhere like tongue, lips, throat, ears and face. At times they may fade in a day or two. However, proper treatment must be taken for this issue and if left untreated hives can become larger forming a plaque. There are many home remedies that you can easily try at home for this problem.

Here Is A List Of Homemade Solutions For Hives And Its Effects:

1.Peppermint Oil:

Mint oil is very effective and it can be applied directly on the affected skin [1]. It has natural cooling effect and can lessen the inflammation and swelling up of skin. Simply dab the hives with this oil using a cotton ball. Another method is to pour some water on fresh mint leaves and freeze them. Then use them to gently massage on the outbreaks. This can be done at least twice a week for best results.

Peppermint oil

2. Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel is also known as a magical potion as it can perform wonders in healing our skin [2]. Simply use a cotton swab to dab some witch hazel on the infected area of your skin. The high amount of astringent in this tonic is helpful in contracting the blood vessels in order to control the seeping of histamine. Do this regularly for a faster healing process.

Witch Hazel

3. Sodium Bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is used in numerous home remedies since is contains many beneficial qualities [3]. Obtain 2 pinches of sodium bicarbonate and mix it with a few drops of water. Make it into a paste and smear it over the hives. This can be done once a day as it can decrease the itchiness and rashes caused by Urticaria.

Sodium Bicarbonate

4. Chamomile Tea:

Prepare a cup of boiling water and add half a teaspoon of dried chamomile herb to it [4]. Allow it to soak for 10 min. Then strain off the liquid and drink the tea while it’s still warm. Chamomile herb contains sedative effect which is a great stress reliever. This effect can alleviate and lighten the burning sensations caused by hives. Plus, this tea is beneficial for our overall health as well. For best results drink this tea at least twice a day.

Chamomile Tea

5. Cool-Compress:

This remedy is a traditional one as it has been followed since the olden times [5]. Cooling helps to obstruct the discharge of histamine in the blood system which effectively slashes down the puffiness of skin. Take a muslin cloth or a cotton cloth and wrap a few ice cubes in it to make an ice pack. Use the ice pack to mildly press on the affected area. It can give some relief form pain and irritations. For optimal outcome, take a cold bath as well.


6. Nettle:

Many herbalists have suggested the intake of nettles as a natural remedy for hives [6]. It is a great source of anti-histamine. Take a few handfuls of this weed and steam it. Then you can consume it. Be careful and guard yourself especially your hand and bodies against stinging nettles while picking them up.