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6 Warning Indications Of Thyroid Deficiency That You Should Not Ignore

Thyroid glands are relatively small and are located in the middle region of the neck. However, without them, your body can say good bye to metabolism. The metabolism levels need to be maintained at all times. Over production or underproduction of the thyroid hormones can affect this balance and can have grievous consequences on your body. It also plays an important role in the proper functioning of your heart, liver, and brain- thus the thyroid glands need to be fit for the robust functioning of the body. Thyroid related problems are extremely common and they can lead to either hypothyroidism- also known as underactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism which is also known as an overactive thyroid. Thyroid deficiency can also lead to physical and emotional alterations in the human body. However, thyroid is one gland that masks its shortcomings very effectively. As a result, often we misinterpret the symptoms and in many cases, we do a wrong diagnosis. Worst –in many cases thyroid problems do not even give out symptoms and even these symptoms may vary from person to person. There are some indications which thyroid deficiency throws. It is important to look for these factors as they may be a cause of an underlying thyroid problem.

Here Are Some Warning Indications Of Thyroid Deficiency That You Should Not Ignore:

1. Feeling Exhausted

Thyroid problems or deficiencies can make you weak leaving you short of energy. You might feel fatigued and tired all the times and often you might lack energy even to do a basic work. You may also be having difficulty in getting a good night’s rest – leaving you exhausted throughout the day. Constant restlessness and tiredness are the other symptoms of it. Always have an evaluation with your past fitness levels and current levels. In case you are experiencing a drastic difference seek medical attention as the reason could be due to thyroid deficiency.


2. Weight Loss/Gain

Thyroid hormones are in a way affect your body mass index irrespective of your age. This can sometimes drastically affect your weight.  You might experience weight loss symptoms and in some cases, you might even experience weight gain on the levels of obesity. Do not ignore these symptoms as these can be a result of low hormone production of thyroid. In case you feel that in spite of having a good diet you are experiencing weight related issues check with your doctor for further diagnosis.

Weight Loss/Gain

3. Hair Loss

While Hair loss can be attributed to many conditions one of the major problems can be the result of low thyroid hormones in your body. It not only affects your scalp but even the areas which do not usually experience such condition such as eyebrows and chest hairs. Your hair can also turn coarse and in many cases, they break up easily. Hyperthyroidism conditions can also make your scalp extremely dry in spite of using good moisturizers. Do not disregard such conditions and do check with your doctor if you see these conditions on your scalp and hair.

Hair Loss

4. Feeling Cold / Hot Often

Thyroid deficiencies have an impact on the way your body controls your temperature. The hormones can disturb the balance and you might be experiencing abnormal body temperatures. You might feel too hot or too cold without any reason. Your feet and hands can develop a cold sensation and in some cases, even in a cold room, you might be feeling warm. Your body may sweat excessively and in a few cases even though you had a heavy work out your body might not sweat. These are all the indications of thyroid deficiencies and do not ignore such conditions.

 Feeling Cold / Hot Often

5. Depression

Thyroid disorders also lead to depression in many instances. You have a feel good factor within you by the levels of serotonin generated in your body. Hypothyroidism affects this serum generation. As a result, you may appear gloomy and depressed all the time. Mood swings may also be the norm of the day followed by unknown panic attacks. You might be feeling anxious without any reason and do not take these indications lightly and seek medical attention immediately. In case if the medications do not work out for such ailments then check for thyroid symptoms. Chances are you might be experiencing a thyroid disorder.


6. Skin Dryness

Hormones can play havoc with respect your skin conditions. Your skin may lose the natural texture due to thyroid problems. Lack of thyroid hormones can also make your skin pale and dry. It gets aged and wrinkles and skin sagging conditions may start to occur. Your skin may also lose its color and itching sensations would be a common occurrence. Try taking medications for such conditions and in case if they do not go away on its own check for your thyroid levels as they could be the reasons which are causing the symptoms.


Skin Dryness