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6 Ways To Use Tamanu Oil In Your Beauty Routine

Tamanu oil is amazing and if you want to make your beauty more enriched and gorgeous, this is oil is one of the bet beauty ingredients which you must consider this season! Tamanu extracts and tamanu oil are filled with rich minerals, enzymes, acids and nutrient which can work magically on your skin. This is one of the best oils for skin and hair which can help in enriching your beauty, if used on regular basis. Tamanu oil is considered as a secret beauty ingredient as it can be used for multiple purposes like treating acne, pimples, dry skin, stretch marks, spots, aging etc! There are some hidden benefits of this natural oil which will keep you stunned!

Here Are Some  Awesome Ways Of Using The Natural Tamanu Oil For Enhancing Your Beauty:

1. Tamanu Oil As A Scrub

If you have ever used this oil, you must know that this amazing oil has a refreshing and amazing fragrance. You can use this oil a hydrating and exfoliating scrub which will deep cleanse your skin, fight pores, dust germs, pigmentation and such issues. Tamanu oil consists of essential minerals which will repair your skin and make it cleansed. For a hydrating and exfoliating tamanu oil scrub, mix some sugar and tamanu oil and massage this scrub on your skin. With slow motions and finger tips, massage your skin for few minutes and rinse off. This will cleanse your skin and will also make it bright, beautiful and flawless!

Tamanu oil as a scrub

2. Tamanu Oil As An Anti Aging Mask

Tamanu oil is one of the finest ingredients used for fighting the signs of aging. If you are worried about the wrinkles, fine lines, ark spots and other signs of aging, go with this amazing tamanu oil mask and fight all these signs magically. Mix some tamanu oil and vitamin E oil and apply this hydrating and anti aging mask on your skin. This will simply keep your skin tight by boosting elasticity and also make it look flawless!

 Tamanu oil as an anti aging mask

3. Tamanu Oil As A Moisturizer

If you are suffering from extremely dry and undernourished skin, here is an ingredient which you can use and make your skin filled with moisture. Mix some tamanu oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. Apply this hydrating and moisturizing mixture on your skin. This will keep your skin bright and smooth as never before.

 Tamanu oil as a moisturizer

4. Tamanu Oil As A Sun Protection Mask

If you have to daily step out for work and deal with the harsh sun rays, here is an amazing mask which you can apply and which will act as a cool sun block. Mix some tamanu oil with any almond oil and apply this on your skin. This will protect you from sun tan, sun burns and will make your skin even toned!

Tamanu Oil As A Sun Protection Mask

5. Tamanu Oil For Fighting Stretch Marks

We all know that stretch marks are extremely stubborn and won’t fade away easily. If your skin is affected with this issue, mix some tamanu oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Apply this extremely moisturizing and healing mask on your stretch marks. Within few days, your stretch marks will visibly get faded!

Tamanu oil for fighting stretch marks

6. Tamanu Oil As A Cleanser

If you love to cleanse your skin with some natural cleansers, add this brand new ingredient in your beauty regime and make your skin super stunning. Tamanu oil has awesome cleansing properties which will work as an anti bacterial ingredient for your skin. Mix some sea salt and tamanu oil and cleanse your skin with this natural cleanser!

 Tamanu Oil As A Cleanser