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7 Amazing Benefits Of Jasmine Essential Oil For Hair

I am sure most of you mus have at least one perfume with a floral fragrance. Specially the jasmine. Its exotic and delicate fragrance is loved by almost everyone. Do you know its oil is equally popular. It is an essential oil that is derived from its flowers and can be used in various skin care and hair care remedies. It has various medicinal and beauty properties that makes it one of the most beneficial ingredient in various hair care products. Nowadays you get jasmine oil in various forms but mots of it contains mineral oil. Hence it is always advised to opt the purest forms. Get a bottle of Pure Jasmine Essential Oil and start using it for your hair.

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Of Jasmine Essential Oil For Hair:

1. Add A Fragrance To Massage Oil

Give a lingering fragrance to your hair by adding few drops of Jasmine essential oil to your Regular massage oil. This would leave your hair smelling fresh and exotic even after washing. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for massage.

Add A Fragrance To Massage Oil

2. Control The Frizz

Say no to the chemical loaded products and get smoother and manageable hair with Jasmine Oil. Shampoo your hair usual and towel dry it. Take few drops of Pure Jasmine Essential Oil and massage it on the hair tresses the way you apply the serum to tame the frizz and keep your hair manageable through out the day.  You can even add a drop of it in your regular serum for application.

Control The Frizz

3. Tame The Curls

Curly hair are very difficult to manage as it contains less moisture and prone to frizz a lot. Keep your curls under control and manageable with Jasmine Oil. You can mix it with any other carrier oil as a pre wash therapy for your hair or you can simply scrunch your curls after shampooing your hair as serum.

 Tame The Curls

4. Protection From Sun Rays

Most of our hair concerns are caused due to the exposure to environmental pollutants and harmful UVA UVB rays. Hence it is very important to protect the hair from it. Jasmine oil helps to create a protective layer on your hair and protect it from the damage. Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of Jasmine oil and four teaspoons of Jojoba oil. Take few drops of it and spread it on your cuticles.

 Sun Rays

5. For Hair Growth

You might have seen the usage of Jasmine Oil in various aromatherapy sessions. The usage of jasmine essential oil help to nourish the scalp and stimulate the blood circulation to boost the oxygen level. This leads to the stronger and healthy follicles and eventually give you the stronger and healthy hair growth.

For Hair Growth

6. Diminish The Lice

Suffering from Itchy scalp and Lice ? Give Jasmine Essential Oil a try. Its anti bacterial and soothing properties are very beneficial to diminish the lice and the fertilization of eggs as well. Use jasmine oil twice a week on your scalp to get a rid of lice issue naturally.

Diminish The Lice

7. Deep Condition The Hair

Dry and damaged hair cuticles are prone to break. Regular Deep nourishment session is equally important to keep your hair healthy and nourished. Make a Concoction of Three tablespoons of Argan Oil and One tablespoon of Jasmine Essential Oil. Use this mixture to work over night on your hair and rinse with shampoo next morning. You should experience the healthy bounce in your hair.

 Deep Condition The Hair