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7 Amazing Techniques To Make The Big Pores On Face Look Smaller

Some people have clear skin but they have big pores. The pores may look big due to the skin type, genetics, age factor or heavy exposure to the sunlight. Although, we think that we can make these pores shrink but practically speaking, it is way next to impossible. However, making the pores look smaller is what you can always do. This is also the best technique to make the pores look less noticeable. If you are all set for this, then go through the 7 easy tips to make the pores look smaller.

7 Amazing Tips To Make The Big Pores Look Smaller In Size:

1. Prefer Unclogging The Pores:

Well, this is the best method to make the big pores look small. You have to keep the pores unclogged. This way, the pores won’t look big. You can achieve this aim by using a clay mask. Clay mask makes the pores look small and also removes the oily content from the pore thus keeping the pores closed and free form dirt, grime or oil.

A very famous natural skin care product from Italy, l’erbolario clay and propolis mask is available. It is very effective against the big pores and works great on the skin. You can apply a thin layer of this product on washed face. After leaving it for some time, you will see dots of oil appearing on the mask. It happens when the clay mask pulls the oil and the grease from the skin pores naturally.

Prefer Unclogging The Pores

2. Shimmer Properly:

Many women out there like to wear shimmery makeup. It you already have enlarged pores, then the first thing to do is to limit the usage of this kind of makeup. Still, if you can’t then try to shimmer at the right spot. At the large pores areas, go for the matte products while on small, you can shimmer.

Shimmer Properly

3. Protect The Skin From The Uv Rays:

This is another very important and significant method of making the big pores on the skin look smaller. It is also the key to minimize the pores in the long term. The skin that is suffering under UV rays daily tend to have enlarged pores. The UV rays makes the skin thin and also damages the collagen.

Sunscreen are the best and the most effective way to fight the sun’s rays. You might have seen various sunscreen formulas that make the pores look more projecting. Don’t go for such sunscreen rather choose the primers that are of SPF 30+. These work perfectly on the skin and can also do multitasking by providing sun protection and smoothing the pores.

Protect The Skin From The Uv Rays

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Oil Cleansers:

Well, the ones having oily skin are afraid of using oil-containing cleansers thinking that it makes the skin even oily and the pores bigger. For knowledge, the facial oils can dissolve in oil better than water. Now that you know why oil based cleansers are not problem, don’t be afraid of using.

You can choose a wonderful oil based cleanser from the shop and use on your face to keep it oil free and the pores small. Also, make sure that the product can also moisturize other than just cleaning the pores.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Oil Cleansers

5. Cleanse Your Face Deeply:

One very important tip of shrinking the big pores is by not trying to squeeze the blackheads. Doing this causes damage to the skin and brown spots on the deep skin tone. Rather than squeezing blackheads and make your pores look even bigger, gently deep cleanse your skin.

Use a good cleanser to cleanse your face. The best option is to use margosa leave paste. It is extremely important out of all the natural skin cleansing agent. Simply crush margosa leaves to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face and keep for some 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water afterwards. Make sure that you don’t use more than twice every week else the pores instead of becoming small may become even bigger in size.

Cleanse Your Face Deeply

6. Use Retinoid Formulated Creams:

Retinoid is the golden way to make the pores look smaller in size. It makes the skin look firm and the pores clear. Earlier, the retinoid formulated products used to make the skin red, & chapped but the formulas available these days not only shrink the pores but also make the skin less irritated and highly moisturized.

Use Retinoid-formulated Creams

7. Choose Products Having Glycolic Acid:

Glycolic acid is another very effective technique to stimulate the collagen and make the pores look smaller by tightening the skin. Glycolic acid also removes the rough and the dead skin cells thus blessing you with a smooth appearance. There is available bio glycolic facial cleanse that is cost-effective and also provides deep action.

After you have removed make up with a gentle cleanser, use this mask on your skin and keep for 5 minutes approximately. You may rinse after this and follow with a mild moisturizing cream.

Choose Products Having Glycolic Acid