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7 Amazing Ways To Use Herbal Teas In Your Beauty Regimen

Herbals Teas have become the most important in our routine now. Let it be for detoxification or weigh loss these herbal teas work wonders for our overall health. Do you know apart from keeping your immune system healthy these herbal teas can help you to get beautiful skin and hair as well? Yes. Today we would be discussing about how you can use these amazing herbal teas to keep your skin and hair healthy as well as beautiful. These teas are rich in anti inflammatory properties, anti oxidants, vitamins and other essential minerals. Hence it helps to address most of your hair and skin concerns.

Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Use Herbal Teas In Your Beauty Regimen:

1. Hibiscus Tea As A Toner

We understand the importance of toner. It helps to control the excess oil secretion from your face, balance the Ph level and shrink the large skin pores. Hibiscus tea contains high level of alpha hydroxyl acid which helps to exfoliate the skin gently and reveal a clear and glowing skin. Apart from this it also contains high amount of Vitamin C which helps to tone the skin. You can prepare this instant toner by simply brewing the hibiscus tea and adding the few drops of witch hazel . You can keep it in the freezer and use it after cleansing.

Hibiscus Tea As A Toner

2. Black Tea For Purifying Steam

Black is most favorite among us. Apart from refreshing our mood it also helps to cleanse the skin effectively and keep it free from the dust and impurities. It also helps to unclog the pores and keep the pimples and blemishes at bay. You can just simply boil black tea leaves in water and take a steam once in a week to purify the skin. You can also add few drops of your favorite essential oils in it .

Black Tea For Purifying steam

3. Matcha Tea Mask To Detoxify The Skin

Match Tea is the new addition in herbal teas. It is enriched with nutrients, catechins, anti oxidants, chlorophyll and anti biotic properties which help to fight the bacteria, fungus and remove the impurities from the skin effectively. Apart from this it also helps to rejuvenate the skin. You can prepare a simple mask using one teaspoon of matcha tea powder and two teaspoons of yogurt. Mix all well and apply on your face. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off later with cold water. You can follow this mask once in a week.

Matcha Tea Mask To Detoxify The Skin

4. Rooibos Tea For Natural Hair Tint

Rooibos Tea is very beneficial to add a natural red tint and glossy shine to your hair. It also helps to nourish the hair and keep it healthy as well as silky. You can prepare this easy hair rinse with Rooibos Tea. Just boil two to three tea bags of Rooibos tea in one cup of water and let it simmer for at least  10 minutes. Once it cools down pour it on your hair and let it sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off later with your regular shampoo.

Rooibos Tea For Natural Hair Tint

5. Green Tea For Ice Cube Facial

How can we not include this amazing herbal tea. Green tea is the power house of anti oxidants and nutrients which is very essential to keep our skin & hair healthy and damage free. It also contains anti bacterial properties which are great for oily and acne prone skin to reduce the excess oil secretion and pimples. You can prepare this ice cubes by pouring a fresh brewed green tea into an ice tray. Let it freeze and use it to massage your face everyday after cleansing. Regular usage of this ice cube facial would help you to get clear skin naturally.

Green Tea For Ice Cube Facial

6. Chamomile Tea For Puffy Eyes

We love to sip the Chamomile tea to relive the stress and get a sound sleep. Chamomile Tea contains soothing and calming properties which helps to instantly de-stress our body. Apart from this Chamomile tea bags can be also used to soothe and relax the tried eyes. Just dip these tea bags into the cold water , squeeze the excess water and keep it on your eyes for at least 15 to 20 minutes. These Chamomile tea bags works great on puffy and swollen eyes.

Chamomile Tea For Puffy Eyes

7. Kombucha Tea As Toner

Kombucha Tea is the another new addition in herbal teas. It is nothing but the fermented black tea. It is enriched with probiotics and anti oxidants which help to detoxify the skin and keep it healthy. Like green tea it also helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. You can prepare this simple toner by brewing two tea bags of Kombucha Tea and adding a teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it. Mix it well and store in the refrigerator. This toner would help to tighten the skin and also keep it moisturized through out the day.

Kombucha Tea As Toner