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7 Benefits Of Camphor For Skin And Hair

Camphor is being used since ages in various therapies. Its smell is quite powerful. It is basically a waxy, white and flammable transparent solid. It is derived in the form of a an oil from the wood of Camphor laurel which is mostly found in Asia. Camphor is used in various skin care and hair care products. There are many ways which we can use Camphor to get rid of our hair care and skin care issue. We have listed down few of them. Lets have a look.

Benefits Of Camphor For Skin And Hair

1. Itchy Skin

Yes. Camphor can be used to treat the itchy skin. Just grind it to a fine powder and apply on the affected areas. It would give instant relief. Camphor provides soothing sensation when applied. Hence one gets the relief from the irritation and it also helps to reduce the redness caused due to itching

Itchy Skin

2. Nail Fungus

There are chances of Nail Fungus when we fail to wipe out the most skin especially on our toe nails. It can be quite gross and painful. Use a Mixture of Camphor powder and water on the affected area helps to bring down the fungus growth. If use regularly it would keep the fungus at bay since fungus has a tendency to recur.

camphor for nail fungus

3. Acne And Pimples

Camphor is known for its soothing and anti inflammatory properties. Hence it can be used to treat acne as well. It soothes the acne and reduces the redness as well as the swelling . You can use Camphor oil on the affected area regularly to see the result.

camphor for Acne and Pimples

4. Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be bothersome most of the time especially when we try to wear footwear which actually shows up it. Camphor can be used to treat cracked heels as well. You would need to prepare a foot soak with warm water and camphor. Dip your feet in it for few minutes and scrub it using foot filer. Follow with a foot cream or a petroleum jelly. Do it regularly for faster results. Camphor contains cooling and anti bacterial properties which helps to cure cracked heel faster.

camphor for cracked heels

5. Rashes

Most of the time we suffer skin rashes due to perspiration and excessive heat. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, Camphor helps to sooth those rashes and vanish them with regular usage. Mix a Camphor powder in water and apply it on the affected area. Use it regularly for faster results .

camphor for rashes

6. Burn Scars

Camphor Contains super cooling and calming properties . Hence it can be used to treat the burn scars as well. Its cooling effect soothes the nerves and bring down the pain and redness. To use it, mix a small quantity of camphor powder in water and apply it on the affected area. Use it Regularly till scar disappears.

camphor for burn scars

7. Hair Loss

Camphor can help to fight hair loss and boost the new growth as well. Use Camphor oil to massage your scalp and hair twice a week. You can also prepare camphor infused hair oil at home. Take some coconut oil and add few pieces of camphor in it. Heat it for sometime . Let it cool and store in bottle. You can also use This camphor oil with any other essential oils such as lavender, Rosemary or Chamomile to boost the hair growth. It would also leave your hair smelling fresh. Apart from it it also improves the texture of your hair and make it soft & smooth to touch.

camphor oil for hair