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7 Best DIY Tips Promoting Optimum Bone Health In Osteoporosis

Good Tips for Increasing Bone Strength

Bone is Vital in Supporting Healthy Organs, Boosting Minerals and Making Blood cells. Its common to lose  bone mass as well as Calcium loss post age of 30. Osteoporosis affects Women and mean alike but Women are more prone to Develop Osteoporosis due to Excessive Calcium loss after age of 30. Some Conditions like Brittle Bones, Aging Bones, Thyroid, Genes and Insufficient Calcium  Enhances Risk of Osteoporosis. Right Nutrition, Diet and Exercise can be Effective in Giving good and Active bones and Maintaining Agility. The First signs of Osteoporosis are Constant Bone Weakeaning and Back Pain. Its important to live healthy inToday’s hectic lifestyle.

Few Healthy Habits Enhancing Bones:

1. Following Calcium Rich Diet:

Calcium holds known Benefits for Bones and Muscles [1]. Aging affects Bones and Deplets Calcium which reduces Bone Strength making Brittle bone and Fracture commmon. Women need more Calcium after reaching Puberty and Menopause for Decreasing chances of Osteoporosis in Old age. Lack of Calcium, Bone Density loss may lead to Osteoporosis and Enhance its Risk. Calcium aides in Boosting bone health, Reducing Osteoporosis, Strenghtening Bones, Curbing Brittle Bone symptom. Milk, Yogurt, Broccoli, Salmon and Other Dairy products can be Included in daily Diet.

Following Calcium Rich Diet

2. Getting More Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is most Important amongst all Vitamins [2]. This Vitamin is Known Strong Bone Giver and Muscle Enhancer. Study shows Vitamin D Optimises calcium absorption  vital in Reducing Osteoporosis, Unlocking Calcium curbing Brittle bone Symptom. Vitamin D can be enhanced in Body by getting enough Sunshine but overexposure to sun may Lead to Skin damage and Cancer. Its safer to Eat food rich in Vitamin D like Salmon, Dairy Prodcuts, Cod liver oil for living agile and Active life.

Getting More Vitamin D

3. Doing Exercises Regularly:

Exercise is way to Lead Fitter life sans any Disease [3]. There are many known benefits of Exercising regularly. In Osteoporosis, Exercise Strengthens Muscles, Bones, Improves Joint Support, gives Flexibile Joints and Bones. Walking, Jogging, Dancing are few recommended exercises Beneficial in Providing healthy bones. Fast or Brisk Walking has proven effective in Managing Bone density, Toning Muscles, Reducing Chances of Fracture and Osteoporosis. Healthy life demands regular Exercises and it should be made a habit.

Doing Exercises Regularly

4. Eating Fruits and Vegetables:

Most Fruits and Vegetables have Nutrients and Vitamins like Vitamin C, K, D , A, Potassium and Magnesium [4]. These nutrients aide in Increasing bone Strength, Reducing Brittle bones and Curbing Osteoporosis. Potassium is Efficient in Neutalizing acid boosting healthy Bones.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

5. Curbing Drinking:

Alcohol is known for Affecting health and mood adversely [5]. Osteoporosis can be Increased by Alcohol Consumption as it reduces Estrogen. Healthy organs and Bones are Vital in Old age. Estrogen is vital in giving Optimum Bone Density in Osteoporosis. Calcium is Known bone Health booster and Bone Strengthener. Body needs enough Calcium for optimum Bone and Muscle Management. Alcohol may hamper Calcium absorption capability of Liver Enhancing Osteoporosis’s risk. Its essential to limit Alcohol for gaining active life.

Curbing Drinking

6. Practising Strength Training:

This is another Exercise beneficial in boosting Health in Osteoporosis  [6]. Weight Lifting, Fast walking and other exercises form Integral part of Strength training Exercises. Strength training is Effective in Enhnancing Bone’s density by 3%, Bone’s minerals density, Strengthening Muscles, Limiting Bone loss, Promoting healthy Balance and Coordination in Osteoposorosis. This exercise is Vital and Essential for sustaining optimum bone health.

Practising Strength training

7. Enhancing Soy Protein:

Proteins are building blocks of Life  [7]. Proteins are Boon as it in Gives nutrients and Promotes healthy life. Estrogen in Body Reduces or Limits Osteoporosis damaging affect on Health.  Older Women need more Estrogen rich Food for Curbing Osteoporosis and Maintaining agility in Bones. Soy Protein has Estrogen like Effect important in Maintaining Healthy Bone and its Tissues. New research shows Its beneficial in Decreasing Risk of Fracture and Restricting Bone loss in Menopause. Estrogen can be added in regular diet for Optimum Health benefits.

Enhancing Soy Protein

Osteoporosis is Inevitable because of age but Certain Dietary changes and Exercise can be good in giving Healthy Life even in old age. These changes are must in Everyone’s diet especially Women who need Strong bones in Later life for leading Osteoporosis free Life