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7 Best Methods To Remove The Speck From Your Eye

Best Methods To Remove The Speck From Your Eye

During your lifetime, one time or another you can get the speck in your eye, which is very essential to remove. As eyes are most delicate organ of our body, its intensive care is necessary to prevent it from any kind of damage. Particles such as sand, an eyelash, makeup or dirt can be reasons for causing speck in the eye. When trauma like this is experienced, blood usually settles in the eye which results in red spot in front of the retina. This can result in irritation in the eye, eye pain and if it is not treated at the right time, it can affect the eyesight and can cause blurred vision. Some of the homemade remedies may prove helpful in curing this speck in your eye. Just try these remedies at your home before visiting a doctor as these can be proved helpful in treating your eye.

Methods To Remove The Speck From Your Eye:

1. Use Of Cucumber

Use of cucumber has proven to be very helpful in removing specks from the eye, Place some slices of cucumber on your eyelid. It will help in giving your eye refreshing feeling and thus soothes the eye.


2. Use Of Rose Water

Putting a few drops of rose-water in your eyes proves helpful in healing your eye. It cleans your eye from within as rose contains natural cleaning agents which clear the red spot in your eye.

Rose water

3. Eating Cloves Of Garlic

Eating four to six cloves of garlic everyday helps in curing the speck in the eye. It helps in dissolving the red spot in the eye, as red spot is due to a blood clot in the eye. Garlic helps in removing blood clot because it contains natural anticoagulants that eventually dissolves the clot and thus removes the speck and alleviate discomfort caused in the eye.

Eating cloves of garlic

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4. Eye Exercises

Special eye exercises meant for the eye are proven to be useful in removing specks in time less than required to cure it along with other remedies used parallel, as it rejuvenate the muscles around the eye and thus helps in early healing. You can also follow these simple steps if you find any red spot in your eye.

Eye exercises

5. Blink Your Eyes Frequently

First of all blink your eyes frequently, which will cause watering in the eye and will eventually result in the removal of any particle in case it is present in your eye.

Blink your eyes frequently

6. Check Your Eye

Ask somebody to check your eye and remove the foreign matters, if any. Keep moving your eye up, down, and sideways, which will help in removing the speck easily.

Check your eye

7. Wash Your Eye

Wash your eye with cold water or saline solution, splash water in open eye and keep blinking your eyes, which will result the speck to automatically lodge under the upper eyelid. Use a soft, damp towel, a wet cotton swab or a clean, soft cotton cloth to remove the speck. You need to hold your eyelid open with one hand to remove foreign particle and will hasten the healing of the eye.

Wash your eye

8. Take Some Extra Precaution

Along with these remedies, it is very important to take care of your eyes in daily routine and preventing speck in your eyes. In spite of the fact that you are over with your eye problem, still it is mandatory to assure certain preventions which will help proper recovery and also prevents future occurrence of speck. Wear goggles or sunglasses while going outside or traveling as it will prevent your eyes from dirt particles, which are a major cause of the speck in the eye. Moreover, covering your eye prevents entering of excessive light into the eyes, which is beyond comfort level and can cause stress in eyes resulting in irritation and sometimes clot. Avoid doing work using a computer for a long time as it can cause strain on the eyes. These are some of the preventions and cures, which will help to deal with trauma in your eye.

care of eyes