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7 Best Ways To Cure Indigestion



A delicious food can taste better and look good, yet, it can lead to indigestion if it does not match with your inner body condition. Overeating foods lead to indigestion in a human body and many people suffer from this problem in their day-to-day life. Getting out of indigestion is easy and it can be done by taking some home remedies that can help in treating any kind of food indigestion that happens in your body. The following are some of the home remedies that can take away indigestion related problems in your body.

Here Are 7 Best Ways To Cure Indigestion:

Using Orange Juice

An orange has the natural digestive power in them. If you are suffering from indigestion for a longer period of time, then you must eat an orange or orange juice before taking your food. You can even eat one orange after finishing your meals as it can help in stimulating the digestive system and helps your body to stay away from indigestion. This is one among the oldest and the most preferred home remedy for indigestion.

Orange Juice

Using Grapes

Grapes have the enzymes in them that can help in regulating and a proper digestion of any kind of food. You can make a salad out of grapes and eat them after your meals for a better digestion. You can also drink a fresh grape juice to save your body from getting any kind of indigestion problem.


Using Lemon

Lemon is the best home remedy for people who are suffering from acidity and indigestion. Lemon can be used in the form of a prevention tool while treating indigestion related problems. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and add them to a cup of water. The water must be warm so that it can mix up with the lemon juice. Sip this mixture slowly so that your body avoids the formation of acid in your stomach. This can help in solving indigestion even before its occurrence in your stomach.


Using Salt And Thymol Seeds

Take a handful of ajwain and chew them after your meal. You can add some salt to them. You can also make a snack out of ajwain and eat them to avoid indigestion to happen within your body. Roast the seeds of ajwain in a pan and add some salt to it. You can add lemon juice to them. Let the moisture dry up and later on preserving them using an air tightened container. You can eat this snack whenever you are having a indigestion problem.

Salt And Thymol Seeds

Using Coconut, Olive And Garlic Oil

These three oils can soothe the digestive system in your body and can help in regulating a good digestion process. Grind the garlic and turn it into a paste. Later on, mix the paste with coconut oil or olive oil. Now take it in one of your palms and rub them on your stomach. This can improve your digestion process and also helps in getting rid of indigestion.


Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is one among the effective remedies for indigestion. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it up with a cup of water and stir them. Drink them whenever you are facing a indigestion. This can get you an instant relief from indigestion and you can find the results within ten minutes of drinking the baking soda mixed water.

Baking Soda

Using Chilled Water

You can experience a heartburn or a heated stomach whenever you are facing a indigestion in your stomach. The burning sensation in your stomach can be reduced by using chilled water. Take a water bag and mix some ice cubes in them. Keep the water bag in your stomach to get an instant relief from indigestion.

Chilled Water