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7 DIY Homemade Hair Mask Recipes

If you want to have a beautiful, voluminous and healthy hair, then the most simple and effective way to achieve that, is applying hair masks on your hair. a hair care routine is never complete without a weekly application of a hair mask. People have wrong notion that a hair mask will be applied on hair only when he or she has a hair problem. But, it is not. Hair masks should be included to your regular hair care regime to supply nutrition and health to your hair. To get a hair mask care it is not mandatory to visit a salon. You can make your own hair mask according to the type and need of hair at home easily. It will save both money and time.

Here Are Various Recipes Of Homemade Hair Mask:

1. Lemon And Chickpea Powder:

Different people have different types of hair and different types of hair have different problems. But, the most problematic hair type is oily hair and the problem gets enhanced in monsoon. Hair turns excessively oily due to over secretion of sebum glands on the scalp. To control the secretion of sebum gland one hair mask is very effective. To make it you will need 1 whole lemon, chick pea powder according to the length and volume of the hair and some water. In a container add needed amount of chickpea powder, 1 whole lemon and some water to make a smooth paste. With the help of a brush or your finger apply that on your hair. Be sure that every hair strand has got the coating. Leave it to get dry and then wash your hair with the help of lots of normal water. A weekly application of this hair mask helps a lot to get rid of extremely oily hair.

 Lemon And Chickpea Powder

2. Aloevera Gel, Banana And Coconut Oil:

Some people have very dry dehydrated hair and the problem get enhanced in dry winter. Dry hair looks very dull and it is very unattractive. Weekly application of an ideal hair mask may help a lot to overcome this dry situation. To make this hair mask you will need one cup of fresh aloevera gel, 1 banana and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. Add everything in a blender. Blend them and apply them on your hair with the help of a brush. Leave it for 40-45 minutes and then wash with normal water. Aloevera contains a good amount of water full with minerals. This water not only hydrates your hair, it also makes your hair healthy supplying various minerals to your hair. Banana and coconut oil also help to hydrates your hair and make your hair healthy supplying minerals and fatty acids.

Aloevera Gel, Banana And Coconut Oil

3. Yogurt And Egg:

When you have shine less hair then yogurt and egg hair mask does wonder to revive your hair and to add shine to your hair. To make it, you will be in need of one whole egg and 1 cup of yogurt. Mix yogurt and egg properly and apply it on your hair. Leave it for 30-35 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo. Egg contains the vitamin B complex which is needed for hair. Apart from that minerals present in the egg stops hair fall and yogurt conditions your hair repairing the damage of the hair. A weekly application of this hair pack is really beneficial.

Yogurt And Egg

4. Avocado And Olive Oil:

Lock moisturizer of your hair with avocado and olive oil hair pack. Cut one avocado, peel it and remove the seed. Add it in the blender. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in the blender. Blend them well. Apply that on your hair. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse your hair. Olive oil is a true powerhouse for hair. It is rich in vitamin E and C which take utmost care of your hair. Regular application of this hair pack helps a lot to get rid of frizzy hair with split ends.

Avocado And Olive Oil

5. Fenugreek Seeds, Basil Leaves, Honey And Gram Flour:

Some people have dandruff on their hair. Dandruff should be attended at the very primary stage before it spread all over your scalp. Moreover, if you suffer from dandruff for a long time, it will lead to hair fall and acne. So solve dandruff problem with the help of this hair mask. To make this you will need 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds, 5-6 basil leaves, 2 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon gram flour. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water to get soft. Next day grind it to paste. Grind basil leave to paste. In a container mix everything and apply that on your hair and scalp. Fenugreek, basil and honey has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties which helps to solve infection on scalp and solve dandruff problem. In addition honey conditions hair and gram flour cleans your hair. Leave the pack on your hair till it gets dry. Then wash your hair with plenty of plain water. A weekly application of this pack is really beneficial for dandruff.

Fenugreek Seeds, Basil Leaves, Honey And Gram Flour

6. Henna, Egg, Lemon And Tea Liquor:

If you add volume to your hair then henna pack is really beneficial. To make this hair pack, take some good quality henna powder according to the length of the hair. Soak this powder with hot tea liquor. Add one egg and lemon juice got from one lemon. Mix well to smooth paste. Apply this henna paste on your hair. Leave it for at least one hour. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do not comb your hair immediately after washing because the root of the wet hair becomes soft and aggressive combing may lead to hair fall.

Henna, Egg, Lemon And Tea Liquor

7. Indian Gooseberry, Coconut, Hibiscus And Margosa:

To stop hair fall you can make one excellent hair pack easily at home. To make it you will be in need of 2 -3 small pieces of coconut, 1 tablespoon Indian gooseberry powder, 2-3 hibiscus flowers and 2-3 margosa leaves. Add all ingredients in a grinder. Grind them to paste. Apply this paste on your hair on a weekly basis. It is really beneficial to stop hair fall and to generate new hair growth.

 Indian Gooseberry, Coconut, Hibiscus And Margosa

Follow these measures with sincerely. Along with depend on a healthy diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables to remain healthy internally. Keep drinking adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated. All these methods will help you a lot along with different hair pack to maintain a good volume of healthy and beautiful hair.