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7 DIY Homemade Skin Hydrating Tonics For Winter Dryness

Winter is the time when the atmosphere is dry and cold, our skin gets dry and chapped if we do not moisturize it well. Dry skin can lead to a number of problems which includes roughness, dullness and skin rashes. Dry skin can also cause wrinkles and premature signs of aging. You can prepare a few skin hydrating tonics at home with a few ingredients which are readily available. These hydrating tonics help in keeping your skin moisturized, fresh and glowing no matter how bad the atmosphere is. Go ahead and take care of your skin this winter and enjoy the fresh glow.

Here Are 7 DIY Homemade Skin Hydrating Tonics For Winter Dryness

1. Fresh Cream And Milk Tonic

Fresh cream and milk are loaded with natural moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals which keep skin soft and hydrated. Milk helps in tackling a number of dry skin problems which includes dullness and dehydration. To prepare this hydrating tonic, you need one cup of fresh cream and three cups of milk. Blend the mixture well till you have a smooth consistency. Use a cotton swab and apply this tonic wherever you skin feels dry and chapped. Once the tonic dries, you can reapply or rinse off mildly. Apply this tonic at least four times a week to tackle winter dryness.

Fresh Cream And Milk Tonic

2. Rose Water And Honey Tonic

Rose water helps in soothing skin. It removes dryness and makes the skin soft and healthy. Honey is a natural moisturizer which nourishes the skin internally. You need equal quantities of honey and rose water to prepare the pack. Mix both the ingredients well and apply the pack on your skin. Let it remain for one hour and then wash off. Your skin will look fresh with a natural glow.

Rose Water And Honey Tonic

3. Banana And Almond Oil Tonic

Banana is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Almond oil helps in maintaining skin balance and regulates pH balance of the skin. You need to mash one whole banana in the blender. In a bowl, you need to add six tablespoons of almond oil and add the banana pulp. Mix well. You need to have a flowing consistency for the tonic. Add a bit more oil if needed. Once ready, apply this skin tonic all over and massage gently. Let it remain for one hour at least and then rinse off. Your skin will have all the strength to fight away winter dryness.

Banana And Almond Oil

4. Yogurt And Cucumber Juice Tonic

Cucumber juice helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes from the skin which are quite common in winter. To prepare this tonic, you need equal quantities of cucumber juice and yogurt and mix well. Apply this tonic and let it remain for thirty minutes. You can rinse off using rose water. Yogurt will keep your skin soft and healthy. It reduces excessive dryness and dullness. Apply this pack twice a week for reducing the effects of winter dryness on your skin.

Yogurt And Cucumber Juice

5. Honey And Olive Oil Tonic

Honey is one of the best ingredients which helps in tackling winter dryness problems. Honey and olive oil combine to form a hydrating tonic which keeps the skin soft, supple and healthy during winter. Olive oil nourishes the skin from within. You need one cup of olive oil and three teaspoons of honey. Mix well and then apply the tonic all over your skin. Massage lightly so that the skin is able to absorb the tonic. Apply this at least thrice a week to keep away from damage caused due to environmental dryness.

Honey And Olive Oil

6. Yogurt And Potato Juice Tonic

Yogurt is known to help in making skin soft and hydrated due to its natural moisturizing and hydrating properties. Potato juice helps in keeping the skin fresh and keeps the skin protected from the dryness of winter. You need the juice of one whole potato for this pack. You will also need one cup of yogurt. Blend the juice and yogurt till you have a smooth consistency. Use a cotton ball to apply this tonic on your skin. Let it dry before you wash the tonic off. Use this tonic at least thrice a week to tackle winter dryness.

Yogurt And Potato Juice

7. Milk And Sandalwood Tonic

Sandalwood helps in improving skin tone and offers a freshness and shine. It also keeps the skin healthy, moisturized and glowing in chill weather. You can prepare this effective skin tonic with one cup milk and one tablespoon sandalwood powder. Mix well and apply this tonic on your skin with the help of a cotton ball. Milk softens the skin and keeps its moisturized from within. You can rinse your face with rose water after thirty minutes. You can apply this tonic every day for best results.