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7 DIY Homemade Soothing Eye Masks For Tired Eyes

Our skin around our eyes is sensitive and quite delicate as it is thin than other parts of our body. After a tiring day at work or a stressful day, the eyes tend to become itchy and look tired and exhausted. Dark circles are another outcome of tired eyes which makes the skin around the eyes a bit darker than the rest of the body. To take care of tired eyes and to soothe them, you can prepare some relaxing and soothing eye masks at home. These masks are made using natural products and they are completely safe for the eyes.

Here Are Some Relaxing Eye Masks

1. Raw Potato Mask

Potatoes are known to be natural bleaching agents. They help in reducing eye puffiness, help in lightening dark circles and are also quite effective in relaxing tired eyes. For this mask, you will need two chilled potatoes. You need to extract their juice in a bowl. Dip a cotton ball in this juice and apply this potato juice-soaked cotton ball on your eyes. Leave this mask on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. You can also repeat this regularly to relax your eyes. Potato mask will not cause any eye irritation or burning sensation.

Raw Potato Mask

2. Tomatoes Mask

Tomatoes are known for their soothing and skin lightening properties. To prepare this mask, you will need the pulp of two fresh tomatoes. You can add one teaspoon of cucumber juice to this also for added cooling effects. Now, close your eyes and cover your eyes with a wet clean cloth. You can then apply tomato juice or thick tomato paste. Keep your eyes closed for ten minutes and relax. After ten minutes, remove the cloth and remove any juice from around your eyes with the help of cotton pack. Tomatoes are safe for the eyes and will not cause you any kind of irritation.

Tomatoes Mask

3. Aloe Vera Mask

To prepare this mask you will need fresh aloe vera gel. Use a brush to lighten apply the gel around your eyes. Aloe vera mask is very effective in reducing dark circles. It relaxes the skin around the eyes and helps in reducing the tired look. Allow the mask to dry before you can slowly dab the area around your eyes with a moist cotton ball.

Aloe Vera

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4. Cucumber Mask

This is probably one of the most well-known eye masks. Cucumber offers the best cooling effect. It also helps in skin lightening. It is rich in antioxidants like isoscoparin, orientin and vitamins C and K that are known to help in reducing eye-ache, tiredness, puffiness of the eyes and help in reducing dark circles too. To use cucumber as a mask, you will need to get thick slices of cucumber and place them in your refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Once they are cold, close your eyes and place the slices on them. Leave them for 15 minutes. You can rinse your eyes. Your eyes will feel relaxed and fresh.

Cucumber Mask

5. Milk Cream Mask

This is a delicious mask which will help in relaxing and cooling your eyes. In a bowl, you will need two tablespoons of fresh cream. To this, add one teaspoon chilled milk. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for ten minutes to chill. Now, dip a cotton ball in this solution. Close your eyes and place this cool cotton ball on your eyes for at least ten minutes. Remove the milk cream mask from your eyes and feel the amazing freshness.

Milk Cream Mask

6. Almond Oil Mask

Almond oil is an excellent hydrator for your skin. It is equally effective in relaxing tired eyes. Almond oil is known to reduce eye wrinkles, reduces dark circles and helps in soothing eyes. In a bowl, you will need one tablespoon almond oil. You can add some honey to this mixture. Apply very lightly in little quantity under your eyes. Close your eyes and relax for ten minutes. You can then remove the oil mask with the help of a cotton ball. This mask is especially useful in getting rid of eye puffiness and under eye circles caused due to exhaustion and long hours at work.

 Almond Oil

7. Strawberry Cream Mask

Fruit masks are always beneficial for the presence of their numerous minerals and vitamins. To prepare this soothing eye mask, you will need two or three fresh strawberries. Mash the strawberries till you have a smooth paste. To the strawberry mix, you can add one teaspoon fresh cream and mix well. Close your eyes and apply this mask around your eyes. Cover your eyelids with thick slices of cucumber which will cool your eyes and rejuvenate them. Strawberry cream mask will soften dry under-eye skin and reduce the tired look. It will soothe and relax your eyes in a short time.

Strawberry Cream Mask