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7 DIY Scalp Massage Oils To Control Hairloss

It is every woman’s wish to have healthy, smooth and shining hair. Although heredity plays a vital role in deciding the nature of our hair, with proper diet and hot oil massages, we can greatly improve our hair quality. Massages with warm, nutrient-rich hair oil, increase the blood circulation of the scalp region and nourishes the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. Even though many varieties of hair oils flood the markets, all these contain artificial fragrances, preservatives and minerals. With very little effort, we can make hair oils right in our home, using natural and nutrient rich ingredients.

Here Are Some Amazing Scalp Massage Oils Which You Can Prepare Right In Your Home:

1. Aloe Vera-Rose Hair Oil

Extract the jelly from a 3 inch piece of freshly cut Aloe Vera. Alternately, we can use 2 tablespoons of natural Aloe Vera gel. Add this to 1 cup of coconut oil. Leave it overnight. Next day morning, add 5 pepper seeds and a handful of roughly chopped basil leaves to this mixture and heat on a very low flame, stirring continuously. When the basil leaves turn brown and crispy, switch off the flame. Once it cools, strain and add a few drops of rose essential oil.
Aloe Vera oil soothes the scalp and conditions the hair, making it soft and silky.

Aloe Vera-Rose Hair Oil

2. Multi Oil Mixture

Take 50 ml of olive oil, 50 ml of almond oil, and 50 ml of coconut oil and 25 ml of castor oil in a glass bowl. Mix all the oils and warm for a few minutes over a light flame. Once it has thoroughly cooled, add 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 teaspoon tea tree oil. This oil is effective for hair growth and dandruff removal. This is an easy to make and extremely effective hair oil for most hair problems.

 Multi Oil Mixture

3. Hibiscus Hair Oil

Take about 10 hibiscus flowers, 20 hibiscus leaves and a handful of basil leaves. Grind them coarsely in a mixer. Lightly heat about 200 ml (1 cup) of coconut oil and stir in, the ground mixture. Heat it in a low flame, stirring occasionally, so that it does not burn. When the moisture content of the hibiscus mixture has totally evaporated, switch off the flame. Cool it and store in a glass jar. This oil is a good hair and scalp conditioner and makes hair shiny and smooth.

Hibiscus Hair Oil

4. Coffee Bean Oil

To 1 cup of almond oil, add 10 to 15 coffee beans and a 1 inch cinnamon stick. Heat the oil in a low flame, until the oil starts giving out the smell of roasted coffee. Cool, strain and store in a glass container. This oil helps in smoothing the hair and controls graying of hair.

 Coffee Bean Oil

5. Gooseberry Hair Oil

Boil ten medium sized goose berries in two cups of water, till the water reduces to half the quantity. Wait until the liquid cools down, then remove the gooseberry stones and grind the remaining pulp. Be careful, not to throw away the water used for boiling, as it is rich with the goodness of the berries.
Now mix together 100 ml of coconut oil and 100 ml of sesame oil. Add the ground goose berry pulp along with the boiled concoction to the oil mixture. Boil in a low flame, till the oil separates and the scum settles at the bottom. This oil will be slight yellow in color. This oil can also be made with organic amla powder, using double boiling method. Amla oil is excellent for the healthy growth of hair. It is also good for controlling premature graying of hair.

Gooseberry Hair Oil

6. Henna Hair Oil

Take 1 cup of natural henna powder and make dough using very little water. Make small, grape-sized balls of the mixture, spread it on a plate and dry it under the sun. Keep 200 ml of sesame oil on a low flame. Once, the henna balls have sufficiently hardened place them carefully, one by one, into the oil. Leave it in the oil for about 15 minutes, until the henna balls have totally dried up and the oil turns light orange in color. Cool, strain and store in a glass container. This oil can also be made with henna balls made of freshly ground henna leaves. Henna oil gives strength to hair, nourishes the hair roots and gives hair a rich color.

Henna Hair Oil

7. Argan Oil

Argan oil is derived from the kernels of argan tree. It is rich in minerals and vitamin E and extremely beneficial for hair growth. To 1 cup of argan oil, add a cup of almond oil. Add a few drops of lemon grass oil. Cool and store in a glass bottle. This oil restores hair growth and gives it shine and luster.

Argan Oil