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7 DIY Ways To Reduce Eye Fatigue And Feel Better

Eye fatigue is one of the most common eye problems which is faced by young and old alike. Sleep deficiency, staring at different digital devices for long, using low light, bright light exposure are some of the many reasons which can cause eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is nothing to be scared about, if it does not hamper your daily activities. There are a number of easy ways by which you can reduce eye fatigue and tackle the problem all by yourself. In case, you find it too difficult, your vision gets blurred and you face other serious conditions, it is recommended to get in touch with your Doctor immediately.

Here Are The 7 DIY Ways To Reduce Eye Fatigue And Feel Better:

1. Massage The Eyeballs

Eyeball massages are a great way to reduce eye fatigue and feel better in a short time. You simply need to close your eyes and massage your eyeballs gently. You will hold out your ring, index or middle finger for the purpose and slowly push your eyes with the fingers. You will be slowly rotating the fingers around your eyes. You do not have to exert hard or rub too much. Massage 10 seconds at a time and you will start feeling better in a short time.


2. Apply Cold Whole Milk

Whole milk is a convenient way to tackle eye fatigue and exhaustion. Whole milk fat offers relaxation and is known to relax the eyes. Milk also helps in reducing problems of puffiness and irritation of the eyes. You will need a bowl of cold milk. Dip a cotton ball in this milk. As the cotton ball soaks the milk, rub it gently around the eyes. Keep your eyelids closed for ten minutes. Relax as you do this. Milk has a cooling effect, which starts reducing eye fatigue in a short time.


3. Use A Potato Compress

Potatoes are known to reduce eye fatigue and offer instant relief from tiredness and exhaustion of the eyes. You need to slice round pieces of a potato. Refrigerate the pieces till it is cool. Wrap these slices in a cool wash-cloth and place them on your eyes. As the slices get warm, remove them and apply fresh slices. This compress will help in improving blood circulation and offer relief from eye fatigue.


4. Try Palming

An easy way to reduce eye fatigue is through palming. Start palming, by first sitting down in a comfortable position. Your elbows shall be on the table. Now, rub your palms so that you are able to warm them. Rub your palms for 1 minute or till you can feel a warm sensation. You can then cup your hand on your eyes and warm them. Cover your eyes for 2-3 minutes. You can again rub your palms and apply the warmth to your eyes. You will feel better soon.


5. Use Cold Water Therapy

Cold water splashing is known to be quite effective in getting relief from eye fatigue. Cold water helps in relaxing tired muscles by improving blood circulation around the eyes. It is also known to help in reducing eye puffiness and swelling. You simply need to close your eyes and splash cold water. Your eyes shall feel relaxed immediately. You can also dip a clean washcloth in ice cold water. Wring out any extra water and place this cold cloth on your eyelids. Let the washcloth remain for three minutes. You can repeat if you feel the need.


6. Splash Cold Rose Water

Rose water is known to be a natural relaxer and healer. It helps in reducing excessive eye fatigue, especially when it is caused due to staring at digital screens for long hours without break. Rose water has a soothing effect on the eyes. It works to keep the skin around the eyes rejuvenated. You need to simply splash some cold rose water on your eyes. Remember to keep your eyes closed. You can also dip a cotton ball in cold rose water and apply this on your eyes. Do this for a minute or till you feel better. Eye fatigue can be easily tackled in a short time with this cold rose water splash.


7. Apply Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is best known for its ability to reduce eye fatigue quickly. It is known for its cooling properties which help in relaxing the nerves and muscles around the eyes. You simply need to refrigerate on medium size cucumber for at least thirty minutes. Once it is cool enough, you need to slice it into thick pieces. Lie down in a dimly lit room. Close your eyes and place these pieces on your eyes. Relax for twenty minutes at a stretch. Remove the slices. You will feel better.