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7 Easy Homemade Hair Revitalizing Packs For All Hair Types

Revitalizing packs should be an integral part of our hair care regime. Revitalizing packs are hair nourishers which are not just about hair growth, but also help in maintaining hair shine, texture, and growth. No matter, what the season is and how good your hair is, these homemade revitalizing hair packs do make a difference. They help in tackling a number of hair problems which include dandruff, split ends, roughness, limp hair, dullness and even excessive oily hair. These hair packs are suitable for all hair types since they are completely nature. You can use these packs once in a week along with your regular hair care.

Here Are 7 Easy Homemade Hair Revitalizing Packs For All Hair Types

1. Banana And Coconut Milk Pack

Coconut milk is rich is proteins which are a great hair revitalizer. Coconut milk and banana help in strengthening hair and helps it to regain its lost luster and shine. For this pack, you need one whole banana. Grind the banana in the blender so that there are no lumps. Add one cup of coconut milk. Mix well so that the two ingredients are well incorporated. Use a brush and apply this revitalizing pack on your scalp and hair. Let the pack nourish your hair for thirty minutes. You can rinse off using cold water.

Banana And Coconut Milk

2. Mayonnaise Pack

Mayonnaise helps in tackling limp and dull hair. It revitalizes the roots and ensures healthy regrowth. Hair feels soft and bouncy. For this pack, you will need three tablespoons of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of mashed avocado. Avocado is loaded with a number of vitamins which help in revitalizing hair and assures its healthy growth. Mix both the ingredients and use a brush to spread out the pack evenly. Rinse after thirty minutes. Regular application will revitalize your hair and keep it soft and healthy.


3. Yogurt And Milk Cream Pack

Milk cream is rich in proteins which keep hair protected from environmental damage. Yogurt works as a good hair revitalizer. Hair stays soft and healthy, growth is assured and damage is reduced. You need one cup of milk cream and one cup of thick protein. Mix well. You have a delicious hair pack ready. Apply carefully so that you do not miss a single hair strand. Once well coated, let the pack dry. Use this pack thrice a week to change the way your hair feels.

 Yogurt And Milk Cream

4. Egg And Honey Pack

Eggs are great for hair. They revitalize hair, nourish the scalp and make our hair bouncy and silky. Egg and honey pack help to soften dry and rough hair, help in reducing hair damage and keep the pH of scalp balanced. You need two eggs to prepare this pack. Beat the eggs till you have a fluffy mixture. Add a tablespoon of honey into this mixture and beat well. Your protein hair revitalizing pack is ready. Apply this evenly and the pack rest for thirty minutes. You can then wash off your hair using cold water. Your hair will feel healthy, soft and nourished.

Egg And Honey

5. Fenugreek Hair Pack

If you have dandruff prone hair, you need a good hair pack to not just reduce the problem but also to revitalize your hair. For this pack, you need to soak one cup of fenugreek overnight. The next morning grind the fenugreek seeds to have a thick paste. Add one tablespoon of olive oil and apply this onto your scalp and hair. Olive oil will nourish your hair, reduce dullness and give it a natural bounce and freshness. Fenugreek works as a great hair revitalizer and can be used twice a week.

Fenugreek Hair Pack

6. Onion Juice Pack

This is one of the most popular hair revitalizing ingredient. It helps in managing rough and dull hair. It helps in cleansing hair, keeps the scalp healthy and adds to the natural shine and radiance. To prepare the pack, you need one whole red onion, chopped and then blend to extract its juice. Apply this juice all over your hair and scalp. Let the juice remain for at least ten minutes and then rinse off using a mild shampoo. Onion juice revitalizes and stimulates collagen tissue growth. Apply this pack once a week.

Onion Juice

7. Potato Pack

This is a simple yet effective hair nourishing pack. You need one cup of potato juice and one teaspoon olive oil. Mix and apply this evenly on your hair. Potato juice helps in reducing infections and cleanses the scalp. It encourages hair regrowth. Olive oil is a great nourisher for hair. Apply this pack and massage for ten minutes at least. Leave the pack for thirty minutes and then rinse off using warm water. Apply thrice a week and you love the natural bounce and growth of your hair.