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7 Easy Homemade Packs For Oily Hair

Oily hair looks dull and limp. It is quite difficult to style oily hair, it gathers lots of dust and dirt and can lead to itchy scalp too. If not taken care of on time, oily hair starts developing dandruff which results in hair fall and further problems. You can prepare a few easy homemade packs, especially for oily hair. These packs will nourish your hair, remove excess oil and add a special shine and bounce to your hair. You can apply these easy packs as and when you like, as  they are easy to make and available at a cheap rate.

How To Take Care Of Oily Hair At Home

1. Baking Soda And Fuller’s Earth Pack

Fuller’s earth, a rich clay is a good source of minerals. It is useful for treating oily hair or skin. It helps in removing excess oil secretion. To prepare this pack, you will need three tablespoons of fuller’s earth, for those who have medium length of hair. Add some water to have a fine paste. Add one small pinch of baking soda and mix well again. Apply this pack all over your scalp and hair. Regular application helps in reducing the problem of excess oil secretion and related problems.

Baking Soda And Fuller's Earth Pack

2. Banana Pack

You will need two overripe bananas for this pack, one tablespoon coconut oil, one tablespoon olive oil and also one tablespoon honey. Mash the bananas and prepare a smooth paste. Mash well so that there are no lumps. Add honey, olive oil, and coconut oil and mix well. You can apply this mask all over your scalp and hair. Cover using a plastic shower cap so that there is no dripping. Allow the pack to settle and allow it to sink. Let the pack remain for at least 20 minutes. You can rinse your hair with warm water. Comb well to remove pieces of banana if existing. You will love your smooth and healthy hair.

banana face pack

3. Aloe Vera Pack

You need to extract fresh aloe vera gel from the plant. For this pack, you will need at least three tablespoons of aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply this pack all over your hair. You can also store this pack in the refrigerator to use it later on. This pack helps in reducing excessive greasiness from the hair and controls excess oil.

Aloe Vera Pack

4. Tomato And Baking Soda Pack

Tomato juice works well to nourish oily hair. In a bowl add the pulp of three or four whole tomatoes and mash well to remove lumps. Add a teaspoon of baking soda in this mixture. You will get a thick and coarse paste which can be applied on your hair. This pack will help in reducing excessive oil secretion, will reduce excess greasiness and remove dirt and dust. Your hair is nourished internally and gets a healthy look.


Tomato And Baking Soda Pack

5. Lemon Juice Banana Pack

You will need three ripe bananas for this pack. Mash the bananas well so that there are no lumps. Now add at least one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Lemon juice helps in removing excessive oil and prevents the formation and spread of dandruff which occurs when there is oily scalp. Lime juice adds a special shine, remove dust and dirt and reduces oil. Regular application will give you healthy and naturally glowing hair.

Lemon Juice Banana Pack

6. Strawberry Pack

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C which plays an important role in regulating oil production of hair and scalp. This pack helps in getting a shiny and glossy hair. To prepare this pack, you need a few fresh and ripe strawberries, one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. You need to blend all the ingredients well and prepare a fresh puree. You need to apply this nourishing mask on your damp hair. Start applying from the roots and cover up till the hair ends. Allow the pack to remain for at least 15 minutes. Rinse your hair using warm water. This pack helps in nourishing your hair and reduces excessive oil.


Strawberry Pack

7. Egg Whites Pack

Egg whites are rich proteins and minerals which helps in nourishing the hair and adds a special shine. You need a few eggs for this pack, depending on the length of your hair. Separate the yolk and collect the egg whites in a large bowl. Add a few mint leaves in this bowl and mix it well. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice in this mixture which will help to prevent formation of dandruff. Apply this mixture all over and let it remain for at least one hour. You need to shampoo well once the egg white has dried up or else you will have to tackle a stinking problem later on. This will reduce excess oil secretion and offer a natural shine.

Egg Whites Pack