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7 Easy Ways To Use Sesame Oil To Get Beautiful Hair

Getting a good hair massage is one of the best ways to relax yourself and calm your mind. We have been using various natural oils to massage our scalp and tresses. We love to prepare the concoction of various oils to get the enhanced benefits of the massage. Regular Oil massage would help to nourish your thirsty follicles and provide healthy hair . We all have been using coconut oil, olive oil and even castor oil to massage our hair. How about using sesame oil for beautiful hair. Sesame oil is an golden colored oil that is extracted from sesame seeds. Like Sesame its oil is too rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Like other natural oils these nutrients of sesame oil are very beneficial to get rid of all hair problems. Include this magical oil in your hair care regimen in following ways.

Easy Ways To Use Sesame Oil To Get Beautiful Hair:

1. Soothing Scalp

Have you ever experienced severe itching in your hair? Harsh chemicals and pollution damage the hair follicles and give you the itchy scalp. This itchiness can lead to severe scalp infection as well. Hence it is very important to soothe the itchy scalp and prevent the further damage. Sesame oil is known to contain natural nourishing properties which helps to moisturize and soothe the itchy scalp effectively. Hence give you a healthy and soothing scalp.

 Soothing Scalp

2. Deep Conditioning Of Hair

Apart from itchy scalp, pollution and harsh chemicals can end up giving you the brittle and rough hair. Sesame oil helps to  smooth out the rough hair cuticles and nourish it. Hence you get soft, healthy and manageable hair.  You can mix some fresh ginger juice with warm sesame oil to massage your scalp and hair to get healthy and well conditioned hair.

Deep Conditioning Of Hair

3. Keep Dandruff At Bay

Itchy and Dry scalp are reasons for dandruff flakes. To get rid of dandruff flakes it is very important to nourish the dry scalp and keep the dandruff flakes at bay. Massage a warm sesame oil and massage it on your scalp for few minutes before hitting the bed. Shampoo your hair next day with gentle shampoo.

Keep Dandruff At Bay

4. Sun Protection

Like skin our hair too gets affected due to sun exposure. Those harmful UVA and UVB rays strip off the natural moisture from your hair and damage the hair follicles. Hence you get drier and prone to damage hair. Sesame oil would act as an natural sunscreen and protect your hair from harmful sun rays. Use it regularly to create a protective layer of sunscreen on your hair shaft.

Sun Protection

5. Hair Fall

Nightmare for many and all of you would agree with it. There would be no count of hair products which you might have used to control the hair fall. Now try sesame oil. Sesame oils natural essential fatty acids would result into scalp nourishment, stronger hair follicles and healthy hair fiber. Hence you get lesser hair fall. Apply regularly on your tresses to massage.

Hair Fall

6. Get Longer Hair

Want to have Rapunzel hair ? We all have been dreaming since childhood to get long and healthy hair. Do you know that regular massage with sesame oil can give you longer and stronger hair? Yes Sesame oil penetrates deeply into your hair follicles and boost the blood circulation to promote the hair growth naturally.

Get Longer Hair

7. Get Rid Of Head Lice

Most of us during our school time must have experienced this at least a once. There must be few of us who are still suffering from head lice issue. Get rid of those itchy head lice with sesame oil. Sesame oil contains anti septic and anti bacterial properties which help to kill the infection causing bacteria and worms.

 Get Rid Of Head Lice