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7 Foods That Work As Natural Laxatives

For people troubled with constipation, natural laxatives are an essential component of the daily diet. They help in softening the stool and assist in eliminating the digestive wastes from the colon. The advantage of using natural laxatives is that they are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are good for the health. They are not habit forming and can be consumed as long as you want. Foods that work as natural laxatives cannot me misused and do not entail the side effects of drugs used for softening or loosening the stool. These natural laxatives, by maintaining normal bowel movement, help in minimizing risk of recurrent constipation.

Therefore, If You Are Prone To Constipation, Include The Following Foods That Work As Natural Laxatives In Your Diet:

1. Prunes:

Plums that are plucked before they are fully ripe and dehydrated are known as prunes [1]. Prunes are known for their laxative properties. Prunes as well as prune juice are used for softening the stool and easing their elimination. Prunes are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers. Their laxative effect is attributed to the undigested sorbitol that absorbs water from the gut and retains it in the stools, thereby keeping the stool soft that eases elimination. Furthermore, prunes help in stimulating movement of the colon muscles that help in regulating bowel movement.


2. Figs:

Both dried and fresh figs act as natural laxative [2]. They are rich in fibers that support bowel movement. You will get about five grams of fibers by consuming only three grams of figs. Hence, fig is considered a beneficial food for people suffering from constipation. Furthermore, the high fiber content makes figs a useful food for controlling appetite and reducing the cholesterol level.


3. Pear:

Pear is another good source of sorbitol that helps in easing bowel movement [3]. You can eat the whole fruit or drink pear juice to eliminate the digestive wastes with ease. To ease bowel movement, eat a medium sized pear daily. If you are drinking pear juice, limit your daily intake to six ounces. Even children susceptible to constipation can eat pears.


4. Papaya:

Just as prunes and figs, papaya too is rich in fibers that help in easing bowel movement [4]. It is also known to help in eliminating excess mucus from the stomach and colon. If you are prone to constipation, eat half a papaya before breakfast. Apart from removing the digestive wastes, papaya contains enzymes that help in protein digestion and alleviating intestinal problems.


5. Grapes:

Grapes are also known for their laxative property [5]. They contain cellulose, sugar, water and organic acids that assist in bowel movement. They help in toning the stomach and the intestines. To soften the stool and eliminate them from the colon with ease, eat about 350 grams of grapes daily. Just as fresh grapes, dried grapes or raisins can also help in easing bowel movement. Soak the raisins overnight in hot water and consume the soaked raisins on empty stomach the next morning.


6. Lemon:

Lemon juice mixed with water acts as mild laxative [6]. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which seems to support bowel movement. For best result, mix the juice of a lemon with a glass of water in the morning. Regular intake of lemon and water helps in restoring regularity.


7. Flaxseeds:

Because of their high fiber mucilage content, flaxseeds can be used as natural laxatives [7]. They help in adding bulk and increasing water content in the stool. In addition to adding flaxseeds to your meals, you can take a teaspoon of whole flaxseeds with a glass of water or juice to ease bowel movement.