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7 Fruitful Remedies To Get Rid Of Hickeys

The hickeys are the large skin bruises which are caused due to the jammed blood over that specific area. Sucking the area, kissing and licking rigorously can make your skin bruised and red. The hickeys can turn red, purple, green and slowly it gets faded away turning brown, yellow or into your skin colour. Generally, there is no specific reason to hide the hickeys but if you are visiting a professional area or event where you need to hide such skin problems and look perfectly well mannered, you can fight the hickeys and make the skin normal! If you don’t want others to judge you on the basis of these simple marks, try some amazing and cool home remedies to fight hickeys quickly!

Fruitful Remedies To Get Rid Of Hickeys:

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a fine and soothing ingredient which will never fail to improve blood flow and to regulate blood. If you want to fight the hickey marks soon, get some aloe Vera gel and apply his soothing gel on the hickeys 2-3 times a day. This will beautifully cleanse your skin and will get you rid of the marks easily!

 Aloe Vera Gel

2. Ice Packs

Ice is one of the finest remedies which can be used to fight hickeys quickly! If your skin is affected with dark and ugly patches, you can use the ice packs, dab and circulate the ice packs on your hickeys for few minutes and this technique will, give you awesome results just within 2-3 uses! This is one of the best ways to fight hickeys naturally!

Ice Packs

3. Heat Packs

Just like the ice packs, the heat packs can work magically on your skin. when the skin is bruised, the blood gets jammed and thick on the surface of your skin and looks so dark. To improve the blood flow and regulate proper blood supply, what can be more amazing than the heat packs? This will keep your skin free from hickey marks within just few uses!

Heat Packs

4. Turmeric Powder

This is one of the best ingredients which can work magically on your skin! Turmeric powder is a natural herb which regulated the blood flow easily and is a master ingredient to sooth the bruises easily. If you have got huge hickeys on your skin and want to banish them quickly, you can apply some turmeric powder and water paste on the affected area. This will give you quick ad awesome results soon!

Turmeric Powder

5. Alcohol

If you want an awesome remedy which can fight the germs, bacteria, bruises easily, here is a classic product which will cleanse the hickeys and make them faded away easily! Get some alcohol and rub it on the hickeys with the help of cotton balls. This will help you battle the hickey marks easily!


6. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a fine ingredient which can fight the dark spots and bruises while making your skin free from such impairments. If you have got stubborn hickey marks on your skin, get some with hazel which is also an herbal ingredient and will fight the spots soon on your skin! Try this remedy and battle hickey marks soon as you want!

Witch Hazel

7. Oil Massage

Massages can simply heal the bruises more quickly and can also banish the spots and marks effectively, if your skin is infected with hickey spots, go for oil massages, massage your skin with different oils and let the bruise get faded easily! This is one of the bets remedies you must consider!

Oil Massage