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7 Helpful Home Remedies To Fight Hepatitis

Home Remedies To Fight Hepatitis

When the liver becomes inflamed due to infection, the condition is known as hepatitis. The patient suffers from arthritis, chills, depression, dizziness, fever, flu, anxiety and bleeding. The disease is very dangerous for human beings. Although vaccine is available for the disease, still it can pose a threat to the patient’s life. If hepatitis is not treated properly in a timely manner, it can cause death thus it is a fatal disease. Medical treatment is very important for hepatitis. Along with that, you can take help of some home remedies also. We will suggest some easy remedies here.

Following Are The 7 Helpful Home Remedies To Fight Hepatitis

Drink Fluids

It is important to drink lots of fluids when you are suffering from hepatitis. You should drink vegetable soup or broth. Extract fresh juice from vegetables and consume it. It is very beneficial to drink green tea and herbal tea.

Herbal Tea

Take Garlic

Taking garlic is very beneficial for hepatitis patients. It improves the liver health by purifying the blood. Consuming garlic detoxifies the liver by removing toxic material from it. Thus, it treats hepatitis by improving liver functioning.


Take Turmeric

Turmeric is a very useful yellow colored spice with antiseptic properties. The spice has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps in healing inflammation in the body. Including turmeric in the diet will give relief in hepatitis symptoms.

Turmeric Powder

Use Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil pack helps in treating inflammation caused by hepatitis infection. Place the pack on stomach on the area where liver is situated. You may feel a bit messy but the pack is very beneficial for your health. It treats pain and improves immunity. The castor oil pack helps in detoxifying the liver.

Castor Oil (2)

Take Black Seed Oil

Consuming black seed oil helps in treating hepatitis and giving relief to the patient. It improves the digestion. The oil helps in improving the immunity thus protecting our body from hepatitis infection. Thus, you should take black seed oil.

Black Seed Oil

Take Licorice

Taking licorice along with honey can help in treating hepatitis. Honey helps in killing bacteria and treating inflammation. Mix licorice with honey. Mix well and consume one time daily. It helps in decreasing discomfort caused by hepatitis.

Licorice Root

Avoid Stale Baked Foods

Baked foods that have become stale and old containing mold in it are very dangerous for hepatitis patients. Thus, you should avoid taking such foods. Don’t eat stale baked foods like cakes, pastries and bread.

Vegan Baked Foods