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7 Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a very problem that is faced by almost every one of us at some of time. The problem occurs due to doing work in high temperatures as a result of which our body feels sapped. The main reason for the problem of heat exhaustion is the drop in the level of water content of the body. Other reason that can cause heat exhaustion is decrease in the salt concentration of the body. Both reasons are a result of our day to day lifestyle. The symptoms of the problem include thirst, head ache, nausea, muscle cramps, weakness, loss of consciousness, fatigue, fainting, pale skin, sweating and increased heart beat. The problem of heat exhaustion is not as serious as the problem of heat stroke but heat exhaustion can eventually take its form or even other serious forms if not treated well. Therefore it is advisable to take care of the problem when the first sign occurs.

Here Are Some Of The Useful Home Remedies That You Can Try To Control Heat Exhaustion

1. Ice Packs

A simple homemade ice pack works wonder to treat the problem of heat exhaustion. Simply wrap some ice in a piece of cloth and apply over different parts like arm pits, neck, back etc. You can also put your feet and hands in cold water for some time to get relief from the problem.[1]

Ice Packs

2. Wet Sponge

Wet sponge provides a great relief from the problem of heat exhaustion. All you need is to soak a sponge and apply it over your body parts. It is advisable to sit under a fan so that the air from the fan increases the effectiveness of the remedy and leaves you with soothing results.[2]

Wet Sponge

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

As it is already said that dehydration is the main reason for the occurrence of the problem of heat exhaustion, therefore it is very important to maintain an adequate amount of water in the body.[3]


4. Salt

Drop in the level of salt concentration can also invite the problem plus the sweating caused by the problem leads to further drop in salt level making the problem worse. Therefore it is advisable to replenish the salt content in the body to control the problem. Mix some salt in a cup of water and drink the mixture to reduce the possibility of the problem getting worse.[4]


5. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is something that you can get from anywhere but the best part of it is that it is very effective in providing relief from the problem of heat exhaustion.  You can put some lavender oil over the body and apply an ice cube directly to get more effective and satisfying results.[5]

Lavender Oil

6. Coconut Water

Coconut is very beneficial for our health due to the nutrients it contains. The consumption of coconut water helps in reducing the problem of heat exhaustion very effectively. Coconut water helps in nourishing the body and regulates the temperature and leaves you cool therefore it is advisable to grab coconut water to get fast relief.[6]

Coconut Water

7. Rehydration Solution

A simple rehydration solution is very beneficial in controlling the problem of heat exhaustion. All you need is to mix some sugar and salt to a cup of water but remember to add less sugar than salt. Mix the constituents and drink this mixture 3 to 4 times in a day to get relief.[7]