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7 Homemade Cooling Packs To Soothe Sunburnt Skin In Summer

Sensitive, normal or dry skin – no matter what type of skin you have, summer does play havoc on your skin. One of the primary effects of the heat is sunburn and tan, which causes the most distress in men and women alike. A few homemade cooling packs can be prepared and used to soothe sunburn if it has already occurred. These packs will also help in reducing the burning sensation and rashes which are caused due to heat exposure. Using these cooling packs on a daily basis will help in keeping your skin soft, hydrated and nourished through the entire summer.

Here Are 7 Homemade Cooling Packs To Soothe Sunburnt Skin In Summer:

1. Coconut Water and Yogurt Pack:

Coconut water is a good cooling agent and helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin. Yogurt has several medicinal properties and helps in reducing the effects of suntan or burn. To prepare this cooling pack you need four tablespoons of yogurt and two teaspoons of coconut water. Add a few mint leaves and mix well. Apply the pack on your skin and massage lightly. Let the pack get absorbed into your skin. Let it dry and then you can rinse your face with chilled water. You will get relief from any burning sensation and inflammation. Apply this pack daily till you get relief.

Coconut Water and Yogurt Pack

2. Honey and Papaya Pack:

This is a delicious cooling pack which helps in reducing all symptoms of sunburnt skin and helps in soothing the skin. The good enzymes of papaya help in naturally hydrating the skin, cools the skin and helps to soothe any burning sensation or inflammation due to heat exposure. You need four tablespoons off raw papaya pulp and two tablespoons of honey for the pack. Mix well and add one small ice cube. Once the ice melts apply the pack on your skin and let it dry. You can rinse your face with normal water and then apply rose water.

Honey and Papaya Pack

3. Sandalwood and Rose Water Pack:

Rose-water offers amazing benefits for the skin. It soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, keeps skin hydrated, moisturized and soft. Sandalwood helps in the healing process and keeps the skin protected from any kind of damage. To prepare the pack, you need four tablespoons of sandalwood paste and one tablespoon of rose water. Mix and apply the pack on your face. Sandalwood will cool your skin, cleanse it and help to soothe your skin.

Sandalwood and Rose Water Pack


4. Brewed Tea Pack:

Freshly brewed tea is an excellent way to cool down sunburnt skin. It helps in effectively reducing the inflammation, any kind of burning sensation and also redness. It contains tannic acid which helps in quickly drawing heat from the burnt skin and helps in pH balance restoration. You need three tablespoons of brewed tea, some mints and two tablespoons of cucumber juice. Mix and use a cotton ball to apply the pack on your skin. Let the pack remain for an hour and then you can remove it. This pack will help in getting relief whenever you feel the need.

Brewed Tea Pack

5. Cornstarch Pack:

This is one of the simplest pack which is quite effective in cooling sunburnt skin. You can prepare this pack even when you are in a great hurry.  You need three tablespoons of cornstarch and add three tablespoons of chilled water. Add a few drops of sandalwood oil and mix. Apply the pack on your face and let it dry. This helps in cooling and soothing the skin, helps in cleansing the skin and also moisturizes it internally. Apply this pack thrice a week so that your skin stays protected from the harshness of the sun.

Cornstarch Pack

6. Potato Pack:

Potatoes are good for the skin in several ways. They are rich in proteins and vitamin C which is quite effective in dealing with sunburnt skin. You need to boil and then mash two potatoes. Let the potatoes cool down. Add one teaspoon mint paste, one teaspoon cucumber juice and one teaspoon sandalwood paste. Mix and apply this thick smooth pack on the sunburnt skin. You can rinse off when the pack is dry. The starch present in potatoes is effective in drawing out excessive heat from the skin. This also helps in reducing the pain and starts healing quickly.

Potato Pack

7. Cucumber and Orange Peel Pack:

Cucumber is most popular for its cooling effects and its ability to soothe redness and inflammation caused due to heat. You need three tablespoons of cucumber pulp and one teaspoon orange peels. Mix and apply the pack on your skin. Let it dry and remove using cold water. Orange peel will help in restoring the natural balance and is also quite effective in healing the skin. You can use this pack thrice in a week.

Cucumber and Orange Peel Pack